Affiliate marketing is a sure way of earning legitimate money on line, the real deal, the real McCoy. It is also another way of website promotion that if played well, can provide a steady income without the need for you to shell out huge sums of money. Any one can do it, it’s so easy.

If you already have your own website and a database of existing customers, you can start doing it with so much ease. One must only remember these things to avoid the pitfalls and bumps going to your goals. Basically, start out with a well laid out plan. Bear in mind, though its easy work, like any other businesses it also requires careful planning and strategic thinking.

Select the appropriate program that will not hurt your core business. Don’t pick a product that is the same as your own. For example if you are selling baby care products, partner your website with mother care accessories, toys, safety gadgets for babies or educational items. These are your allies.

They will complement your product and not take your customers away. Maintain credibility with your customers. Promote products that you believe in or you have tried yourself and that you actually like and are really passionate about. Product promotion should be based on this premise. This will give you the marketing credibility.

Check out the products of your would be affiliates. Test them yourself and give your honest opinion. Don’t just go for the money. This probably is the most common mistake of internet marketing. They usually think this is the go they need to be successful in their affiliate programs. Credibility will keep your customers coming over and over again.

Never betray their trust. However good you are in selling and promoting these products, if it’s lousy and if it doesn’t work, it will reflect badly on you. Stay away from affiliates promising quick results and quick cash schemes. This probably is a scam. Affiliate marketing will not make you rich overnight.

It takes time to build momentum but once you hit your stride, there’s no way of stopping you. It is built on trust and quality of the products you are marketing. Affiliate marketing is a war. We are at war with our competitors and scams trying very hard to outwit us.

Be wise and be prudent in your ways. As Sun Tsu, the famous Chinese military strategist and the author of ‘The Art of War’ said you should know yourself and your enemies well to win every battle. This is also the key to a successful affiliate marketing career.

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The author of this article, Menno Spijkstra, is an underground Internet Marketer who has been successful in selling products online for many years. Menno just released a new video series on how to Explore Profitable Niches.