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If you have plans to expand your business to several non-English-speaking nations, then making your business website multilingual should be top of your list. A majority of consumers globally prefer to engage with a website that is also written in their first language. They trust the company more and improve sales. Before hiring a top-rated translation agency such as Vanan Translation leaders in creating multilingual sites with 98% accuracy we must put forth the key advantages of having a multilingual site.

Reach a Wider Audience

In the top nations for Internet usage, there is India, Russia, Mexico, China, and Bangladesh, and these don’t have English as a first language. So, think about how many potential leads you will drive by focusing on one of these markets. So, by localizing your website regarding your specific target audience, you can garner new clients.

Further, you will be able to compete with local players in the market, and you may end on top if you have invested in reliable translation services.

Online Translation Services Has a Direct Relation with Your Sales

Once you have localized your website for a different audience base, now you can look forward to a progressive increase in your sales numbers. Since your product has lived up to the expectations of your market, just think about what impact it will make on a larger audience. The more languages, the more opportunities you will have to upscale your revenue figure.

Improved Communication

Not only are locals of target geographic location more likely to buy your product/service via your site, but more likely they will be your loyal customers as you understand the language and culture. Consider offering virtual automated customer support in the local language when developing a multilingual site.

Gain Competitive Edge

Yes, there are millions of websites, but, only a handful of these featured content in multiple languages. A site in over one language will back your company to stand in different geographic locations because you care for your potential customer’s language and cultures. Besides, customers perceive that a multilingual business website has a global authority, and this will help you gain an edge over your competitors.

SEO Will Skyrocket

One of the significant benefits you get with localizing your business website is the boost in multilingual SEO results. By focusing on the global audience with sites in their native language, your SEO is going to surge. Since search engines emphasize local SEO, your rankings will boost by having a multilingual site.

Challenges of Creating a Localized Business Site

Ensuring that the Translations is Error-FREE
If there are rookie mistakes on your site, your potential customers will lose faith in your company. For this, hire skilled linguists who understand the cultural nuances of the local language. Ensure you conduct a comprehensive search and don’t hire any other company unless they have a robust reputation behind them.

Adapting the Design That Goes with the Language

Each language has its space requirements. For instance, if you are translating from English to Portuguese, you will see a dip of 15% in space, whereas Japanese would increase the required space by 60%. Others are also languages such as Arabic that support right-to-left direction.

Dates, Time & Currency Must Be Accurate

The currency dates, and currency must be accurate according to their respective geographic location.

In the end, you know the benefits of building a multilingual site, now why think or think, do your research to narrow down the right online translation services company.


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