At this special time of year our festivities are sure to sweep us off our feet and, amongst all the hoopla, pumpkin pies and holiday decor comes the realization that once again, we are faced with some large challenges. Stay focused under the barrage of snacks, hold your head high above the buffet table and walk calmly throughout the array of dishes awaiting your arrival.

It’s totally fine to enjoy this holiday event and walk away feeling confident, victorious and flourishing in your ability to take the lucrative steps toward feeling like a winner and still being able to zipper your pants with ease. Today is the day to let your hair down, wallow in your accomplishments and hold on to your ability to stay in control and proceed with prize-winning presence. Why not decide which wonders you will adhere to as you set sail on this magnificent day.

~Take the time to involve movement into your morning hours. This will set your tone for the day which we anticipate to be one filled with pleasure, control and delight.
~Walk yourself through your day of positive choices while you are exercising.
~Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Did I mention to drink lots of water?
~If you are the dinnertime chef, hire a taste tester and avoid hundreds of unnecessary calories.
~Survey the dinner table choices before you sit down to enjoy your fare.
~Be sure to choose a smaller plate when it is time to choose your food selections.
~Pick your most favorite dishes to indulge in, leave the everyday ones for another time.
~Make your options special and enjoy each and every morsel that you select.
~Take a small spoonful of each chosen fare to grace the presence of your platter.
~Position yourself far away from your trigger foods and do not allow them to take control.
~Remember, it is about everything in moderation.

Having faith in yourself and believing in your ability to make the right decisions that will support your goals is completely and utterly within your reach and your right during any point on your travels toward a nimble, elegant way of living. Take each moment as it enters your time frame and make the choices that you so desire. Possessing the inner strength and following through with your personal desires steer your pathway toward a happy, spirited self. Work it, own it and be all you can be!

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