Tshirt printing is not just a great idea for marketing purposes, or to sell for profit. A great choice in personalized tshirt printing can also make a wonderful gift for friends and family. You can make someone you care about smile with your thoughtful gesture and with a well-chosen image or word. Usually, white tshirts are best for such gifts as they show up wording and images best and then depending on the image and amount of colors being used there is screen printing, the more affordable option, or digital printing, better if you want a photo to be detailed and clear.

A gift for any occasion

First of all, it is a gift you can give any time for any reason. Someone graduated, Christmas, Divali, birthdays, had a baby and more. You can choose a good quality tshirt so that it is something they can wear more than once, and then customize it to suit their taste and the occasion. Grandparents would love a tshirt with their grandchildren’s faces on them, or with some of their best artwork on them. Best friends will love a favourite joke maybe or a shared TV show quote, children love a favourite animal image or a team shirt for the sport they play. Whether you get it as a joke or something attractive and stylish to wear is up to you.


You can buy shirt printing cheap but still get screen-printed shirts that are good quality without breaking the bank. You have the cost of the shirt/shirts plus a small fee and possibly shipping costs. Some places offer free shipping on larger orders. If you choose digitally printed shirts you pay more but a photo image looks better because more detail is possible. If you are looking for a great idea but you need to also consider your budget, buying a printed tshirt for a few people is a good idea.

A great way to remember an important time

Personalized tshirt printing is an excellent way to remember a favourite event too. A family party, a class reunion, a special birthday, a championship win, a baby’s first word and more. You can print an image from the time and wear it together and laugh over the memories. Use tshirts printed to announce something important to loved ones when you invite them over. A pregnancy, a marriage, a promotion and so on.


It can get more and more difficult to come up with great gift ideas that are something people will keep, remember well and are still affordable. Printed shirts are a good idea. When you want to celebrate a milestone or remember an event, personal or something bigger, custom shirt printing cheap but of good quality works well. If tshirts are not what all of you wear you could always choose another garment, a long sleeve top or jacket for example. You could also choose to use items to print onto, bags or caps and so on. Custom printing is a good way to communicate ideas, share memories and connect and it is a good gift idea too.

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This Article Penned by Lora Davis