Bill Gates and Melinda Gates youngest daughter and third child is Phoebe Adele Gates, was born on sept 14, 2002 in USA. Phoebe’s other siblings are Jennifer Katharine Gates the eldest sister and elder brother Rory John. She lives with her parents in Gates residencynear Washington Lake. Bill gates being the richest man in the world is a strict dad he made certain rules and regulation for his kids to lead a normal life like other kids and kept them away with phones and gadgets up to age 13. Bill gates theory for this was to make the children grow with values and learn about importance of family.
Phoebe’ education

She is at very young age and currently a student. She began her education by attending American Ballet Lincoln Center. Phoebe studied arts from the college and also went to the Julliard’sschool. At present she is pursuing studies at Professional children’sschool in New York. She is just passionate as her father is about business, Phoebe’s interest is for arts and she is truly focused to it. At present she is not earning as she is studying. She is a millionaire who does not needs to work for 100 years but she is more focused about her career and preparing to achieve something big in her life

Phoebe is a cute and fashionable possesses a slim and tall body alike other women in the family. She is 16 now and lives a happy life. Phoebe has no attitude of being wealthy daughter of the richest man .She wears designer dresses and enjoys all the perks of her life and maintains a distance from media and spotlight but whenever she gets an opportunity to appear publicly she steals the show and makes the head turn through her fashion sense and style. She is fond of travelling to different places, reading good books and trying new food
Phoebe Adele Gates is active on social media and has many followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In her personal life she is not in any relationship rather than family bond. She lives in a luxurious mansion of worth 120 million dollars.Bill Gates spends 1million dollar every as it has walls with displays, a hall for 200 guests ,a home theatre for 20 people with all perks t has swimming which Has a surround sound system. She travels in private jets with the family

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She is fond of travelling to different places, reading good books and trying new food