We have been blessed with beautiful things around us. We might not consider how lucky we are, but the truth is that the world we live in is a beautiful place. We never realize how beautifully sun comes out and provides us with sunlight. How those sun rays help in the process of pollination. How clouds cover us when the sunlight gets on our nerves. How we have millions of types of trees that surround us and provide us with shelter. The beautiful flowers that besiege the whole place make the world an alluring place. How water benefits us in millions of ways, as through precipitation. How those tall mountains covered with snow add to the scenic beauty of the area. Even volcanoes are for some purpose, we might think that is it just a harmful thing but no there might be a reason it is made thus we should also consider it a blessing.

With such beautiful things around us, that is why people tend to preserve in the eyes of the camera. Thus, there comes the rise of the profession named landscape photography. Landscape photography is a profession that involves capturing the beautiful scenes in the camera. This profession has taken toll since a few years. Despite the fact such profession are said not to earn much but people who love nature do adopt it. People who adopt this profession need to move all over the world to take pictures which they sell later on for money. Some people may start landscape photography as they develop interest in it. Taking the pictures of sunsets, mountains, waterfalls become a passion for these people. Despite the fact that photography needs to be learned but with such passion in the hearts of these people, they do not care about anything else. Especially in the western countries where this passion can be turned into a profession, provides these photographers with a whole lot of money.

Henri Cartier Bresson is a very famous landscape photographer whose work is a rich and has a true insight into life. The camera is his best friend, he said. He is said to have created magic through his photographs as his photographs are outstandingly fascinating. He says that he tries to bring out the good side of the world when the world today is breaking apart. He is constantly hunting for images, day and night because this is moreover his passion. He has devoted himself to photography for almost half a century.

Rue Mouffetard is a French photographer who keeps on running after the most beautiful places. His works are a point of orienteering and a way to remember what we have forgotten and how much we take our blessings for granted. His works also make us realize sight is one of the greatest blessings of all. Without eyes, we would not have been able to see the fascinating world created by God.

Landscape photography, thus is a great profession and also a very passionate one. Therefore some importance should be given to such professions in order to further develop it and make it known for those who are still unaware of it.

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