Talking to your friends about getting a new piercing? There are numerous different types of piercings such as belly bars and earrings but there are always certain precautions that you should take. We address these in this article.

Piercings have been around since ancient times. Some research shows that people have been piercing their skin for even longer, with ancient remains found with evidence of piercings and items found in burial sites that seem to have been apparently used for decorating peoples bodies. Piercing was first used for celebrations. Piercings were often used as a way of building up reputation as well with different piercings representing different accomplishments for example. Nowadays, piercings are most commonly used simply as a fashion statement. People opt to have them because they like the look of them, find them a bit different or just like the idea of being able to add something new to their body. Piercing the ear is the most common.

The most common area to have pierced on the ear is the bottom of the earlobe where most ladies would wear their earrings. The top and side of the ear is also popular though. One of the piercings that has grown fastest in popularity over recent years is the belly piercing. This pierces the belly button to allow use of a belly bar. This was once a very rare piercing in the Western world but it has quickly gained momentum and with the injection of celebrity piercings, it has caught on quickly. More and more belly bars as sold each year due to the popularity of this piercing.Anyone who gets any kind of piercing should always make sure that they use a professional. Always use a professional with the correct materials and tools. The act of piercing and breaking the skin can essentially allow bacteria and infection into your body. This can mean that if sterile equipment isn’t used or if the right precautions are not taken afterwards, that you could get the wound infected. This can start as something simple but lead on to more complicated infections.

Many people underestimate the importance of keeping a new piercing clean. It is essential that you keep it clean using an alcohol rub or disinfectant and make sure that all jewellery used in the piercing is also completely clean. For example, if you are using belly bars then you should make sure that they are new and clean and haven’t been used by someone else. Don’t risk it if you don’t know. Follow the guidance that the piercer should give you and remember that a piercing is effectively an open wound and so it does need to be treated as such. Always consult your GP if you are worried the piercing has been infected. Infection can usually be easily treated in the early stages but it can spread and get more serious very quickly. A course of antibiotics may be required but leaving an infection untreated can cause serious problems and a large number of people are admitted to hospital every year due to simple piercing infections getting out of control.

So, by all means enjoy your new belly bars and earrings, but make sure that the piercings are conducted correctly and that you follow all the guidance given afterwards until the piercing is completely healed.

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