Plastikraft started in 2002 as an acrylic table-top frame greetings manufacturer and has successfully grown into a business unit specializing in plastic fabrication, thermoforming and providing complete solutions in visual management required for various audits and management concepts like EHS, TPM, 5S, KAIZEN, TQM, LEAN, SIX SIGMA, etc.

Below are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a business solutions magazine and Mohammed Zakir, Operations Manager of Plastikraft. Let us read what he has to say about the dynamics of the company with the industry he and his team are catering to:

How has the featured person – CEO/Founder/Director helped to enhance the company’s outreach? What noteworthy contributions have the person made in favour of your company?

Starting from scratch as a novice in plastic fabrication, the journey of the founder is like a student. The key contribution of the founder was to learn new plastic fabrication techniques from different sources and then implement them with innovative ideas and sophistication to make products much better than what we’re being offered by our competitors. This made our fabricated products standout distinctly, thus giving us a clear advantage over other competitors.

What challenges has your team faced in the earlier days of the company? What struggles is the team going through now?

A novice in the plastic fabrication industry without any experience was itself a big challenge. Initially executing each job was a challenge but divine guidance, determination to learn, a positive attitude, self-confidence, creativity, honesty, and hard work made things easier. We developed our own techniques while learning at the same time from others.

Please answer this question for our upcoming article on the service sector – Plastic industry in India – What the future holds?

Plastic since long has become a part of our lives and we cannot imagine life without it. We all have a responsibility towards nature and our environment. Due to plastic pollution, many countries are trying to bring alternatives to plastics wherever possible, therefore the plastic industry will face challenges in the future. We may not be able to do completely without plastics but certainly,

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