I’ll jump right to the point from the very start. That’s a new rule for article writing, which differs from the set standard, but as long as it serves the main goal of the article, I’ll just do it.

Let us start with this question. When do the chosen things happen in the easiest, most effortless and enjoyable way, and the outcome is beneficial for all parties, all at once? ….? Do you remember the states of your Being when this was taking place? Maybe recently…? Some of the readers may need to go to their very early childhood experiences.

Here is the answer, - when your inner child is free and playful and having fun with whatever it is you are creating, doing, manifesting. When you are having fun, you are bound to be in the state of ease. Which is… a state of flow, and a very creative one. Your “rules”, if there are any, are made on the spot, they are flexible, can be changed any moment, and never limiting because they are not really rules, they are the landmarks that point at your destination point, which is your desired outcome… Which you are welcoming, yet not so much attached to, as you are already having enough fun enjoying the process, i.e. the creative flow you are in.

This is how the Universe and Nature function. But if you have difficulties,- chances are, you are serious. Take it as a diagnosis. What the heck does this mean?

It means you entered a state of unawareness, which in its turn allowed you to go to a state of insanity, which is called that way because what you are doing when you are serious, is insane.

I anticipate a request for clarification here. Here it goes. When you are serious you create a rigid structure (or you want to validate a rigid structure, be it yours or somebody else’s), you are most probably attached to suffering as such, and make the outcome the ultimate decider of your destiny or a replacement for your True Identity. And this is a state of insanity.

Seriousness requires effort. Joy, fun, breath, life require none. Seriousness requires and is a form of contraction. Life, Creativity and Success are all about expansion. Expanded realities are created by the expanded states of Being. Contracted (i.e. limited) realities are created by contracted states of Being.

Effort as such is a form of stupidity, not anything to be proud of or give honors to. Although the majority has been indoctrinated to honor effort, the fact is still the fact, where there is effort, there is suffering, contraction, lie, illusion and most importantly- ineffectiveness.

The known Pareto principle (observable in (but not limited to) every field of human society, especially business and finances) states that 20% of input produces 80% of results. It’s a scientific way to describe the universal law of efficiency or the law of futility of great effort - the basic law that Creation, Nature and Life itself utilize in their every aspect and expression.

By the way, according to the Nature, Life, and Creative flow as such (and also according to the Pareto Principle), the opposite is also correct: 80% of input produces 20% of results. This is the “Effort Formula”.

The mind hooked on (and fed by) seriousness will deliberately choose and strive you to do things harder, i.e. put more effort into moving things any direction. Life itself as well as Consciousness with all their unlimited awareness will suggest that you do things the effortless way, which is always a joyful way, which always turns out to be the efficient and best results producing way. It may be uniquely your way, but who cares as long as it works and is fun?

The truth is, no mind can ever override Nature and Consciousness, it can only create an illusion that it's happening. The right question to ask is: why try to override, suppress and fight the loving, nurturing and supporting nature of Life and Consciousness at all? Wouldn’t it make more sense to actually cooperate with it, just because even the small you, are a part of it, and that supporting and loving nature is actually on your side to begin with? Maybe…just maybe, the mind is attempting to override the nature of your Consciousness and life itself because there is a lie that is held within the mind that is supported and marketed by the mind? The lie, that messes up with the rest of your perception. And I’ll leave it up to you to find out what this lie is.

Author's Bio: 

Andriana received her formal training in the field of Psychology and holds two University Degrees in Psychotherapy and Counseling, which includes practical training in various modalities and Psychotherapeutic approaches used in modern Psychotherapy.

Her main life and professional activity has always been focused on Consciousness, Human Potential, Personal Development, Evolution, and how one's mind, and different levels of Consciousness manifest corresponding nature of reality.

Andriana has been studying Psychology and Psychotherapy from the age of 11 (since it was a natural extension of everything she already knew innately). She now does it professionally - for more than 10 years while working with groups and individuals all over the world.