Poker is a traditional game of cards and has been around for many years. It is a game where money (or whatever you wish) is bet on the hand that you may or may not win with. It is a game of skill with a bit of bluffing thrown in. But when do you decide to fold? When is enough enough?

There are four main types of poker games. slot online There is stud, straight, draw and community. Community includes Texas hold em, Omaha and other variants. Poker can be played by anyone old or young and is quite a simple game. There is a new craze of gaming websites. You can play poker online any time with any one from around the world! It is a much more accessible way to play poker and other casino style games. Although it is a game, it is still gambling and with gambling comes the excitement and adrenaline rush of winning.

This in itself can become quite addictive and this is where the confusion comes in. People believe that a gambling addiction is an addiction to gambling when in reality it is an addiction to the adrenaline rush when you think you may win. Unfortunately the rise of casino style websites has made it easier for gamblers to fuel their addiction. With credit card transactions being done online is seems like you don't see the money at all. Playing online can also be a very solitary game. There is no break for a drink or snacks. You are playing cards constantly and although there are chat rooms you never really know who you are talking to.

The best way to avoid this situation is to stay well away. Unless you have strong will power stick to playing at home with a group of friends. Setting up your own poker night will ensure that you only have to play once a week. You can still do something that you enjoy and resist temptation to do some serious gambling. Why not make a real go of it and set up a poker table. You can buy all you need online to set it all up. You can buy poker tables, poker chairs, card shufflers and even poker chips! If you are on a bit of a budget you can simply buy the poker table felt and a box of chips to get going. Playing for chips or matchsticks will mean that you will still get the thrill of winning and beating your friends but won't have anything to lose. At the end of the evening you will have all enjoyed yourself and all that will be bruised is your ego and not your wallet!

Poker can be a fun and enjoyable game but when it becomes less of a social gathering and more about winning then you have to think about what you are doing and assess whether you are playing for the joy or the money. Then and only then can you say when enough is enough.

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