There is a popular method of mole removal and it is called elliptical excision. Removing moles from the skin requires the application of anesthesia. This is applied in order to numb the area, where the operation will take place and no pain will be felt.

The technique is quite different from the other methods like laser or cryotherapy. The major side effect of this procedure is the scar formation. But you can't avoid it. It is not a very costly operation and it also seems to be less painful.

The scars will gradually vanish as time passes. But a slight trace will always remain. That doesn't stop people from choosing this method, though. After completing this surgery, many people try out other specialty surgeries to remove scarring.

Compared to shave excision, elliptical excision seems to be more dangerous. Since the skin will be subjected to deep cutting, it does seem more dangerous. Cutting the skin too much, too deep, opens the possibilities of skin infections. This could lead to further complications. Bleeding could be more profuse. The wound will be even worse. Thus the time taken for the wound to get healed will also be longer than the other normal methods.

A very large area of the skin will have to be operated on. The cut on the skin will be oval in shape. The mole, as well as the skin surrounding it, will be operated on. The skin will truly be greatly affected.

If scarring and skin damage can be brought about by this option, why do people still choose it?

There are lesser chances of mole recurrence if this method is chosen. It is the core problem that is concentrated on. Even the moles that have the deepest roots can be removed. Almost all the moles in the body can be removed through this method.

Another mole removal recommendation by physicians is cryotherapy. Laser also comes highly recommended. You will be more well informed regarding the methods and their pros and cons, if you do a little research over the internet. Obviously, cryotherapy is about the use of very low temperatures. The cold condition is used to kill the cells present within the skin moles of all types. The main ingredient used in liquid nitrogen. Freezing of cells is easily achieved. In the case of deeply rooted moles, this might not work. It is effective on shallow moles. This is the downside to this method. When you insist on applying this method on deeply rooted moles, you might be inviting disaster.

There are two ways of performing this. The first would require the use of liquid nitrogen. The moles will be directly applied with it. The second method involves the use of frozen liquid nitrogen. The frozen liquid nitrogen will be injected into the skin layers. Frozen instrument will be used. This will bring instant death to the cells on the moles.

Since moles in the deep layers of the skin will be untouched, the healing process is quicker. Only those that are found on the surface of the skin are eliminated.

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