Getting pregnant and the delivery without any complications is a concern for any woman. When that worry is over she is on to the next stage of looking after the new born which puts a real toll on her time. The first year will be a real tough time with breast feeding, immunization and very importantly the weaning off as well. She has also look into getting back to shape, by shedding of those extra calories gained during the pregnancy. One exercise regime that helps the mother to certain extant is walking the new born in a pram. This will help her to stretch her legs as well expose the child to the outside world. What are the things to look for when you are about to buy the first pram? Let us push some details for you to consider

Space: Take your own time to look over the choices available in the stores in the city, to ensure that you are buying the right pram for your child that is spacious enough to accommodate him or her. Growth in children is real fast and before you know the child can kick the fabric at the other end. It is important to go in for a model that is little larger in size though it will cost you little more. But when you consider the need to change into another one within a short time a little extra space is a wise choice.

Comfort: feel the padding is thick enough so that the child will not be uncomfortable when you push him around in the first Pushchair. Some model will look elegant in the show room, but within a short time the padding will lose its softness and becomes hard and cause discomfort for the child. Invest in models made out of quality materials that lost long. Going for a brand that has a reputation in the market will be a good idea. 

Colour: You may have a liking for certain colour, but as far as a pram is concerned go for some colour that can be spotted easily by others from a distance itself. The motorists will be careful when they can make out a pram at a distance to drive more carefully when they drive past you pushing the pram across the street. Also see that the top will cover completely so that the child is protected from the harsh weather, be it from the sun or the wind.

Wheels: Most of the models of today come with a wheel locking mechanism that ensures that the pram will stay put when you have a word or two to an acquaintance who cross your path while you are on the stroll with the pram. Also make sure the wheels are rolling freely without any strain; a pram with a jammed wheel will give you a tough time pushing them around. 

Desirable: It is ideal to go for models that have some storage space in the bottom where you can keep some items that you may need at times like a diaper, feeding bottle or a pack of towels. You don't fancy carrying them in an additional bag alongside do you? 

A word of caution when you are with your child in the pram; don't let your attention away from the pram even for a short time. The traffic being as such nowadays that is a must for the safety of your child.

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