The origin of human life is the combination of sperm and egg. The quality of sperm is mainly judged by semen quantity, color, pH, viscosity, sperm morphology, and motility.

However, now many men are in the sub-health state, coupled with the current pressure of life, the usual living habits and eating habits are not good, often stay up all night, which will lead to a decline in health. I believe every man attaches great importance to sperm quality, which is about fertility and dignity.

Poor sperm quality is mainly caused by the following problems:

1. Inflammation

If a man has href="">epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis, and prostatitis, it will lead to seminal plasma variation, affecting the normal pH, oxygen supply, and nutritional metabolism. However, these diseases are not conducive to sperm activity and survival, resulting in poor sperm quality.

When it is caused by these reproductive system diseases, men can choose antibiotics such as levofloxacin tablets or traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment. It can treat these diseases and improve the sperm quality effectively. Simultaneously, pay attention to rest, drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and ban spicy food. Pay attention to personal hygiene, avoid excessive sex, and change underwear frequently.

2. Suffering from varicocele

The disease can lead to local testicular venous blood return, leading to hypoxia, followed by poor sperm quality.

3. Testicular dysplasia

If the testicular spermatogenesis is not mature, or the epithelial tissue is damaged and thinned, it will affect the quality of sperm and lead to low motility. If men lack zinc, it may also affect the motility.

Under normal conditions, the survival rate of male sperm can be generally judged by color, and the typical color is gray. But if men do not ejaculate for a long time, it may appear light blue, and the color of sperm survival rate may also become more lightweight, thus affecting the quality.

If you want to know the survival rate of your sperm, you can measure the pH. Under normal circumstances, men's semen is generally liquid. It will quickly become viscous jelly-like semi fluid after excretion and become liquid after 5-30 minutes. If there is no liquefaction after this time, it indicates an abnormal phenomenon, and its survival rate is low.

Men should make the following three points to improve the quality of sperm and get pregnant successfully.

1. Eat more nutritious food to improve the quality of sperm. Some men in a hurry to get pregnant will take some hormones and other drugs to improve the quality of sexual life. It is an unwise choice. A long time taking these drugs may also be harmful to men's sperm. Therefore, the best way to improve sperm quality is to take necessary elements from the diet, such as calcium, zinc, and other components.

2. Magnesium can help regulate men's heart activity, and arginine is the main component of sperm, so you can also eat a proper amount of sea cucumber, eel, loach, and so on.

3. Usually, men can eat more shrimp, shellfish, animal liver, walnuts, oysters, and other food to promote sperm metabolism. But they should pay attention to the daily intake of no more than 15 micrograms. Take calcium from milk, bean products, spareribs soup, shrimp, and other foods, which can promote sperm motility and improve sperm acrosin activity.

Poor sperm quality generally requires the use of a microscope or other instruments to check out. People can not tell it through the naked eye. Therefore, long-term infertility needs to go to the hospital with his wife for examination and timely treatment. Also, eat more nutritious food and participate in more outdoor sports to improve their physical fitness and avoid diseases.

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