Today no industry in the world can work without using IT products and office supplies. These products have become an indispensable part of every office space. IT products like computers, servers, laptops, networking solutions, etc., are being increasingly used to run businesses of various sizes. So if you are planning to start a reseller business of IT products or office supplies, it is certainly the right decision. However, you need to be aware of the distributors that sell products that you are looking for. Choosing the wrong distributor can ruin your business completely.

The following blog provides information about some of the most reliable IT & office supplies distributors in the USA:

Ingram Micro

Talking about the largest IT distributors in the United States and one simply cannot forget Ingram Micro. Many resellers all over the world prefer Ingram Micro for purchasing IT products. In the United States, the distributor has an expansive inventory of over 0.8 million products. Founded in 1979, Irvine, California, Ingram Micro has grown as a dominant distribution company in the IT space. Apart from IT products, it is also a recognized distributor of office supplies. Some of the top manufacturers that are connected to Ingram Micro include Hewlett-Packard, Zebra Technologies, etc. Ingram has a well-informed sales support staff that is equipped to handle the needs of ITS reseller partners.


Synnex is one of the largest distributors of IT office supplies in the US, supplying over 40, 000 products to offices in various industries. It is also one of the largest distributors of IT products, bringing the most relevant technology solutions to the IT market. It has a wide distribution network of over 20, 000 resellers and retail computers that are trained in selling IT products. Synnex also offers a wide range of marketing services to its reseller channel partners to help them sustain and grow their business.

Tech Data

Tech Data is one of the top B2B ecommerce distributors, specializing in both IT and office supplies. With each passing year, Tech Data is expanding its distribution capabilities across different parts of the world. Tech Data has an inventory of over 0.8 million IT and office supplies products throughout the United States. The distributor with its expertise in advanced technologies allows its resellers to bring sophisticated products in the market. The American multinational distribution company has its headquarters in Clearwater, Florida and offers a variety of value-added services to help channel partners succeed in their business.


D&H is a giant player in the IT and office supplies distribution sector. It is one of the largest E-commerce wholesale distributors, supplying a broad range of product lines. D&H distributor has one of the largest selection of consumer electronics that include tablets, cell phones, cameras, camcorders, etc. Moreover, it understands the unique goals and needs of their channel partners and accordingly offers personalized service to ensure business success.

These distributors provide data feeds that provide product information in real time. So in order to connect with these distributors, all you have to do is import their data feed into your e-commerce platform.

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