Researchers have found that happy people are on average 50% more successful than unhappy people. The question then is, are we trying to be successful in order to be happy? Because if so, we may have things backwards!

We have grown up in a society that teaches us to struggle, sacrifice, work hard now and play later. We keep our noses to the grindstone in the hopes of that elusive, “some day” when all of our hard work will pay off and we can finally be happy.

However, a happy, calm mind is more highly functioning, effective, and efficient than an unhappy, stressed mind. In fact, we are more open to inspiration, new ideas, Divine Guidance, and possibility when we are happy. We have more energy, increased immunity, and our physical vibration draws higher vibrations to us in the form of positive people, things, and opportunities.

When we are happy, we are more comfortable being around other people, and socializing can create new ideas and opportunities that would be harder to create in isolation. We tend to be more generous and spontaneous when we are happy, rather than guarded and cautious when we are feeling down and destitute. We give more, and giving makes us feel great which makes us even happier!

Most people want to be “successful” because they want to be happy. Success and happiness are emotional states. We can practice choosing our emotional states at will by setting intentions. If we knew that choosing to be happy about what we already have would actually create more success and happiness in the future, would we be willing to shift our awareness from lack to gratitude?

Another way to practice happiness now is by focusing on our strengths rather than our weaknesses. This allows us to feel more capable and can increase motivation. Involving ourselves in something we are passionate about brings tremendous fulfillment and satisfaction. Also, helping someone else feel happier with a kind gesture can induce happiness in our own selves, because it’s through giving that we receive. And that which we want the most is what we most need to give.

Watching less television can allow us to feel happier because we escape the barrage of commercials that produce a sense of lack and insecurity. However, watching funny programs can be helpful because laughter is enormously healing. Refraining from comparing ourselves to others is helpful.

Learning new things increases brain activity and confidence, resulting in higher levels of happiness. And never underestimate the importance of allowing time to play. Just having fun can refresh the mind, instill a sense of freedom, and decrease stress levels, allowing a new space in the mind for creativity and productivity!
We long for success because we want the happiness we think it will bring, so why not allow ourselves to enjoy the happiness right now, and create even more success because of it?

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Jaime Kalman is a Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, Certified Spiritual Healer with Healing in America, and a Certified Life Coach in Relationships; Spirituality & Life Path; Health & Wellness, and Prosperity & Personal Power with the Miracle Center of California.
She is a graduate of Landmark Education and has studied NLP and EFT extensively with both the Don Mottin Institute of Hypnosis and Robin Duncan of the Miracle Center of California. 

Jaime writes inspirational articles on conscious living in Los Angeles for the as the LA Intuitive Living Examiner. She is also the co-host of the online show, Motivational Chat.