Many outsourcing companies based in the US USA They offer radiology billing services to meet the needs of freelance radiologists, radiology practices, multi-specialty practices, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. These services help medical practices maximize their reimbursement and improve their efficiency.

Services of trained personnel to obtain accurate results

Professional companies have trained and knowledgeable staff of certified AR specialists, coders, and callers with extensive experience in providing accurate services. Using advanced web-based billing software in their billing procedures, they analyze your medical claims flawlessly and improve your refunds. With their special skills and knowledge in advanced software including NextGen, Medisoft, Lytec, Misys, IDX, Practice Admin and Inception, they can accurately process and send your radiology bills. Covering all aspects of your requirements, they ensure a quick and maximum refund.

Some of the important factors that help in delivering accurate billing solutions are:

• Regular quality control checking with readily available reports
• Account analysis by experienced professionals, including AAPC certified coders
• Flexibility in using medical billing software: they work with your current billing software or use our own software (web-based with EMR)
• Constant analysis of patterns in codes, procedures or any global problem with appropriate and timely reports.

Highlights of radiology billing services

Billing companies have simplified the radiology medical billing process for all types of radiological claims. The main procedures that these companies cover as part of their billing services are:

• Patient scheduling and reminders.
• Patient enrollment (demographics and charges)
• Enrollment in insurance (for doctors and offices)
Insurance verification
Insurance authorizations
• Coding and audits.
• Billing and reconciliation of accounts (accounting of payments)
• Account analysis and denial management (EOB Analysis)
• RA management (insurance and patient)
• Financial management reports.

Find a reliable service provider

To ensure accurate radiology medical billing services, the task must be outsourced to a professional company. Reliable service providers ensure compliance with HIPAA guidelines to protect against breaches of confidentiality

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To ensure accurate radiology medical billing services, the task must be outsourced to a professional company.