Gemini Children:

All of the Gemini people are perpetually hungry. Yes, they are verbally skilled and often love music, but there is an underlying hunger in each of them. It is as if they are searching for something, some missing piece of their life. Perhaps it is that endless search for some unattainable element that makes them who they are. You have to help your Gemini child find peace within him from an early age.

From the cradle, Gemini children are curious and begin their quest for knowledge. Everything fascinates them. They want to dabble in a bit of this and a bit of that. Geminis seldom grow up to be boring uneducated couch potatoes. The worst thing you could do to a Gemini child is to raise them in an environment that gives them no freedom to explore and to learn. Give them lots of books to read, take them outdoors to study nature, teach them how to play a musical instrument, encourage them to absorb all the lessons life has to offer. Gemini children are like sponges soaking up bits and pieces of information everywhere they go. Make it into a game. Feed their minds and you feed their souls.

They are also very social people. Gemini children will talk your ear off with stories of make-believe and questions about why the sky is blue and how come we cannot flap our arms and fly like the birds. They realize at a very young age that words have the power to teach. They learn to communicate so that they can share ideas, information and to share their quest for knowledge. You will have to teach your Gemini child that there is a time and a place for everything: a time to discuss ideas and a time to sit quiet and listen. They will need to learn that not everyone has their quick minds and that some people cannot handle the rapid-fire conversations like they can. It is easy for the Gemini children to begin to feel superior to others because of their vast knowledge and their quick minds. Rather then get upset with others for not being able to verbally keep up, they need to be taught how to communicate with the slower and more methodical thinkers.

When you get to know them, Geminis seem to have a fragile spot that they try to cover up with laughter and pleasant chitchat. Most Geminis do not believe that they are loved unconditionally. That may be a result of their intellect. They may have concluded as children that love is not unconditional. You have to behave properly, think properly, dress properly, socialize properly, and express yourself properly in order to be loved. Therefore, if unconditional love does not actually exist in their eyes and as human beings they are naturally flawed, then they themselves are not worthy of unobtainable unconditional love. They often hate the rules of society because deep down it is the rules that makes it impossible to ever be deemed perfect and therefore good enough to earn unconditional love. The most valuable thing you could ever give to your Gemini child is the unquestionable proof that you do love them unconditionally. Make a conscious effort to prove to them that unconditional love not only exists, but that they are forever worthy of receiving it. Society has rules and preferences of conduct for logical reasons, but that has nothing to do with love. Once they understand that you really do love them, only then can you get them to logically embrace the rules of personal conduct.

Once Geminis know that they are truly loved just for being themselves, they seem to undergo a sea change. They become free to share their light, their knowledge, their stories, their music and their love with the rest of us. Geminis can grow up to become some of the most amazing teachers, songwriters, public speakers, vocalists, and creative writers. With the freedom to be their own selves, they are able to share their gifts with the rest of us.

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