During pregnancy, the hormones in the body undergo changes. That may cause acne during the early pregnancy. In later period acne often clears. Since you have to use every medication very carefully during pregnancy, let us find out about what cannot be used.

Some of the medications that are to be avoided during pregnancy are: Vitamin A derivatives, Tetracyclin Antibiotics, Hormones and Salicylic acid preparations.

Vitamin A Derivatives:
Molecule such as Isotretinoin that is very potent for acne treatment must be totally avoided during, before, and after pregnancy. It may produce birth defects in the fetus and should never be taken during pregnancy. Other vitamin A topical molecules such as tretinoin, tazarotene, etc. carry warnings about their use during pregnancy and while breast-feeding. They should also be avoided. Retinoids are becoming very popular and some cosmetics contain retinoids. Please use any skin care product only after consulting your doctor.

Tetracycline group of antibiotics:
Tetracycline and its derivatives such as doxycycline may affect the bone growth and discolor teeth of the fetus, and the breast-fed child. Avoid use of any antibiotic without consulting your doctor.

Hormone Therapy For Acne:
Female hormones are widely used to treat acne. Flutamide and Spironolactone may be passed to the fetus and cause birth defects. Estrogens and other anti androgens should not be used during pregnancy. It is yet not known if these hormones are passed to the breast-feeding child. They should therefore be avoided during breast-feeding. As a cautionary measure, during pregnancy and while breast-feeding use every medication only after consulting your doctor.

It has been found that women who have the highest success rates with breast enhancement pills actually curbed their carbohydrate intake while on the supplement or system. Conjecture might be that higher protein consumption somehow helps with the body's absorption and utilization of the breast enhancing and breast growth stimulating properties of the herbs and/or compounds contained in the pills.

And the last point of advice in getting natural breast enhancement pills to work and deliver the results you are looking for, is to stick with whatever program you have been advised to by the manufacturer. That means, if they say take two pills in the morning and two pills at night, you need to do just that. No cheating and taking them intermittently or at the wrong times of day. Taking a breast enhancement pill incorrectly or in the wrong dosage will almost certainly render disappointing results, and it can even void money back guarantees that the company has offered.

Please avoid every type of Vitamin a derivative either topical or oral. Medications such as Isotretinoin, which is one of the favorites of acne medicines, should be strictly avoided. Other topicals containing tretinoin, tazarotene and other Vitamin A derivatives should be strictly avoided. Please don't use any topical skin care product before asking your doctor. Please avoid any oral medication after talking to your doctor. Many OTC skin care products contain Vitamin A derivatives. Please avoid all such products.

Please avoid antibiotics from the group of tetracycline such as tetracycline, doxycycline etc. They may damage the fetus or breast-feeding child. No antibiotic should be taken innocently.

Please avoid any hormone preparation that you may be using for your acne. Many hormones such as estrogen and other anti androgen hormones can damage the fetus and also get passed to the breast-feeding child. Avoid as many medicines as possible. Avoid all skin care and makeup products. Get everything certified by your doctor, if you are planning to get pregnant, or are pregnant or breast feeding your child.

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