Scoring a date with your coworker or that girl in the lift was a difficult feat as it is, now you’ve got to prepare for the date too. Keeping in mind that she has actually agreed to go out for a few drinks, you are fairly certain she likes what she sees, so far.

First dates are crucial. They have the potential to make or break your future plans with your date. Moreover, if you are going on a date after a long time, it is completely normal to feel a little lost and out of practice.

Between making time for the date, deciding what movie to see, where to eat, there are basic things that we tend to overlook. While on the contrary, these are the things you should double check before you go on a date.

Clean your car!

Your car is one of the first things your date will come across, and no matter what people tell you, first impressions still matter the most. Having a smelly car with cigarette ash and takeaway leftovers lying about is really one of the worst ways to start a date.

It is best to get professionals to clean your car to make sure no stones are left unturned. If you cannot find time to go to a car wash, there are plenty of mobile car valets in Auckland. These guys would come to your specified location, and give your car a thorough cleanup, essentially giving it a ‘showroom finish’.

Cleanliness and clothing

Although it goes without saying, we would still like to point this out, just to make sure nothing is left. Clean yourself thoroughly before the date. Not only would it help with not driving your date away from you, cleanliness is directly associated with confidence. Moreover, looking fresh and clean would make you happier and more optimistic, qualities that most women are looking for in potential partners.

Clothing is similar to a clean car in terms of a first impression. While it is necessary to always wear something you are comfortable in, always remember the rule for dressing up for dates- dress to impress. Throw on your most comfortable and best looking clothes. Make sure they are freshly washed and ironed. Not only would your attire help you make a positive impression on your date, it will help you remain confident about how you look.

Keep in mind the setting of your date while picking out the outfit. You do not want to go to a fancy dinner in ripped jeans and a loose t-shirt. Similarly, a trip that involves hiking or going to the park does not require you to wear a dress suit.

Have something prepared in case the conversation starts dying out

Prepare a list of questions, Google your date or stalk them on social media, do whatever it takes, but make sure you always, ALWAYS have something interesting to talk about. While digging into someone’s online profile might reveal things you were better off not knowing, being aware about some fragments of their life would give you something interesting to talk about.

If you cannot bring yourself to spy on your date, make sure your life is interesting enough to talk about. Try to find common points of interest and subtly bring them into the conversation.


First dates are never easy, but if you are confident, optimistic and most importantly, prepared, first dates aren’t the most difficult either. Just keep in mind to be positive and be the best version of yourself, and all should go well. All the best and don’t forget to tell us about your date in the comments below!

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Caitlyn Bell is an Arts student whose experiences in life make her really tougher than anyone else. She can lend you expert tips on diverse topics ranging from relationship to fashion, making money, health and so on. Her write-ups are a window into her thoughts and knowledge.