Preparing For Separation From Husband: Things To Consider Before Separating

Some couples decide to try a legal separation, a smart decision before jumping into a divorce. The legal separation itself is much like a divorce, as it involves a written agreement in which a couple outlines the rights and responsibilities of each party while living apart. The agreement outlines the division of debts and assets, child support and custody, visitation rights, and alimony. Since the process is similar to a divorce, why do couples choose to separate instead?

A Separation Gives Time to Think

By living apart, each person has time to evaluate their thoughts and feelings about the relationship with his or her spouse. A legal separation is beneficial in that it sets guidelines similar to those that would be experienced in a divorce so that each party knows how it will feel if a divorce takes place.

A Separation Means You're Still Legally Married

A separated couple can still experience some of the legal benefits of marriage, including:

* Insurance reasons. If you are covered by your spouse's insurance policy, you may be able to keep your benefits throughout your separation.

* Social security benefits. Some social security benefits come into effect after ten years of legal marriage. If a couple is close to ten years of marriage, they may choose separation for the time being until they qualify for their full benefits.

* Tax benefits. A separated couple may benefit from continuing to file joint taxes rather than filing separately.

In addition, some religions do not allow or look down upon divorce. Therefore, separation is a good compromise for people who want to follow the rules of their religion and stay married but need definite space between them.

A Separation Keeps Your Finances in Your Hands

Many divorces are fueled by disputes over monetary issues. A separation can give you control over your own money as you think about your next step. Certain debts or assets gained by one party during a separation may be considered separate property. If you separate and your spouse begins to spend a lot of money, you might not be held responsible for these debts. In addition, if you gain money, your spouse may not be able to claim any ownership over it.

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Are you thinking that separating will really help save your marriage?

Well, don't think about it. And you will understand why when you read further down.

You see, I survive from a marriage crisis and during the process, my wife is suggesting separation. But I strongly disagree and we had an argument again and she called me names like stubborn bull, hard-headed guy and useless man on earth!

Oh Man, I was hurt!

But I insisted and finally I pulled through with the help of a friend. Now both me and my wife are living happily together. If you are think separation will really help save marriage, think again. You see, there are many implications to both of you and some of the critical ones are listed below,

Implications Number 1

You do not know who they go out with when both of you are separated. This is serious as your spouse has their rights not to tell you whom they go out with.

Implications Number 2

Both of your distance will become farther away and will become strangers as time goes by. This is the quickest way to divorce. Lack of communications will make each other feel and act like strangers and without quality communication, a marriage will fail

Implications Number 3

What if a better person comes into their life and replaces you? Do you want the outcome to be like that? You see, when a person is lonely, they want a listening ear. They want someone to shower care and concern. If you are not by their side, and someone with better quality comes by, they will simply just jump ship.

So, if you really thinking that separation will help save marriage, think twice before you act.

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While there are many techniques you can use, one of the premier techniques is communication. I find this to be especially important when it's obvious that your husband communicates in a very different way from you. I hope that the techniques I share will help you to fix your marriage, especially if you think it is broken.

My husband tends to be very inconsistent with his communication. For instance, he can go for days without saying much of anything. And then the minute I ask him something like "Honey, did you make sure to get all your dirty clothes in the laundry bin?", he blows up! Well, at least it seems that way.

In my mind, it wasn't even about the laundry. I just immediately would react and snap at him. At the time, I didn't even think about it. But I would bet he thinks that I blew up at him!

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See, the problem is that we both thought that the other person was mainly at fault. It didn't help that are communication was very poor most of the time. Sadly, I really felt like we had a broken marriage. The worst of it was a few months, and I would occasionally even cry, or just have tears come to my eyes, because I couldn't understand our conflicts.

But thankfully, I learned that I needed to evaluate our communication from a different perspective. There are two parts to this.

On one level, it was very important for me to come to terms with being proactive about this. It's not helpful for me to put all the blame on my husband, and it's not even helpful to wait for him to come around. What is helpful is for me to take the initiative and to start thinking about our problems during and after every conflict. This takes practice, but I was able to get very good at it after a few weeks.

On the next level, I needed to think really hard about his point-of-view. I always thought "maybe, just maybe he can learn to communicate just like I do." Well guess what? This view point can only lead to disaster! What I do now is to think about why he communicates the way he does in certain situations. I'm able to discover patterns, and I truly feel like I'm starting to understand where he's coming from.

Learning these two things gave me a jump start to fixing my broken marriage, and bringing it back from the brink.

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When a man and woman are pronounced husband and wife the love they have for each other is meant to last them forever and make them live happy lives. This love is meant to strengthen their union and help them through challenging times.

However, marriages can suffer distractions with the love of a wonderful marriage grinding to a frustrating halt. Divorce is seen as a way out of a frustrating relationship. Do not give up just yet. Here are 4 ways to breathe life into a dying marriage.

Communication is King

When you have a problem, talk to your partner. Speak in a rational manner and never pass the blame. Tell your spouse how you feel. Make sure you communicate your feelings. It is important to communicate the things bothering you.

If you don't the problems in your marriage will never be resolved. Never go with assumptions, speak up every time there are issues. Your spouse cannot read your mind.

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Share Duties

We do not live in uncivilized times, where a woman is only meant to give birth and whip up a hot meal. Respect your marriage and work together in the house.

Make your spouse understand the importance of working together. If the husband pulls out the weeds in the garden, the wife can plant seedlings. Domestic chores can only bring a couple together.

Compliments Work

Compliment your spouse for the things they do daily. Many couples take this for granted, but this therapy works wonders. This tells your spouse that you notice and appreciate the effort they put in all their endeavors.

Go for a Date

Spend time to together outside the home. Discover those fun times when you were single and swooning with love for another. Share each other's hobbies or have dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Even if you are watching your pocket, don't allow that stop you. You can still work out a magical moment with the kids staying with your parents. Taking the necessary steps to fire up your romance is what matters. Where, when or how you do it is not important.

Do not fold your arms and do nothing when you see your marriage is headed for the down turn. Every relationship is worth it and these 4 easy ways can breathe life into a dying marriage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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