Preparing For Separation From Husband: Things To Consider Before Separating

If you're going through marriage separation, it can be a very difficult thing to deal with. Everyone is different and some people can cope with the situation well. However, some others may need a little extra help in feeling better when they are going through marriage separation. This article discusses how to get marriage separation help when you need it.

Asking Family and Friends

One of the things you can do when you need marriage separation help is confide in your family or closest friends. It is really helpful if you know someone who has been through the same situation in the past. This way, they can help you by offering suggestions and advice and they can also recommend a professional that they trust and think would benefit you. Although some individuals don't want to talk about the struggles they're having with their marriage, sometimes it can feel like the world has been lifted from your shoulders. Just to be able to vent is priceless, but having someone who can help you find marriage separation help is wonderful as well.

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Join a Support Group

Another very helpful thing you can do when you're going through marriage separation is join a local support group. Check online to see if there are any marriage separation support groups in your area. It will be a comforting place where you can get advice, suggestions, tips and support that will help you come through the separation. If there is no local support group in your area, you can join an online support group. Many people prefer this method anyway because you can remain anonymous while you still receive helpful support and learn from the experience of others.

Call Around

If you're still not sure, you can look for professionals in your local phone book or ad paper. The key is to call around until you find one you think you will be comfortable with. Call and speak to them and ask questions - after all, you want to make sure you will feel at ease and comfortable with them. Narrow your choice down to one and ask any final questions before obtaining his or her help. This way, you can be absolutely sure it's the one you want to go with.

You can ask him or her for references, although confidentiality may not allow them to give you any names. Ask them about how you can decide whether you are a fit for their services or not. You can also give them a small bit of details so that they can let you know whether or not they are confident in handling your marriage separation and helping you cope.

When you follow these tips and suggestions, you can seek marriage separation help and finally move on with your life. Whether you will be moving on with your spouse or without your spouse, it's important that you learn how to move on. Good luck.

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Who doesn't want a whirlwind exciting marriage with a life lived happily ever after? Regardless of the age or gender, people marry with the intent of making it last a lifetime. It can consequently be a devastating experience for divorce to become the final chapter if "happily ever after" goes terribly off course.

Divorce Fallout

Divorce involves much more than merely dissolving a marriage and dividing assets - it also takes an emotional, physical and financial toll on a couple. Depression, anger and bitterness all go hand-in-hand with divorce. From the spouse to the dog, everyone gets hurt by divorce when previously best friends become (potentially) mortal enemies.

Children often suffer damages that never completely heal. They may develop behavioral or aggressive problems. Children of divorce often experience difficulty in sustaining their own relationships. Trust that is so important in relationships becomes very hard for them to give. And the possible distancing of one parent has a permanent impact, resulting in a longing that may never again be filled - even in adulthood.

Both spouses also suffer. Divorce can be messy because emotions run so high. Each former partner may make hurtful accusations or exchange angry words throughout the process. Once the divorce is final, both people can walk away with lowered self-esteem and even depression. The feeling of failure, fear, and loneliness can be lasting.

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Taking the Blame

When couples are in the middle of a disintegrating marriage, it is very easy to place the primary fault on the other partner. In reality, it takes two people to make the marriage work, and just as many to make it fail. Each partner plays a role in marriage problems - even if the highest "ratio" or lion's share of fault lies squarely in the corner of one person (such as with infidelity or abuse).

When divorce is looming, couples need to push the pause button on the blame game. Each should look at him/herself closely in the mirror. Chances are that both have contributed to the immensity of the problems. If the marriage is to have any chance of survival, each spouse needs to own up to his and her mistakes.

Clearing the Debris

An impending divorce is like a hurricane. It leaves behind damage, tears, and broken lives in its wake. Couples who haven't given up need to clear the problems between them if they hope to remain married. Problem avoidance will merely postpone an inevitable need to address root issues later.

Individual hurts need healing before a significant healing of the marriage takes place. Marriage counselors can be a great option for those who have deeper issues. Such therapy is not mandatory - couples who can talk through their problems and work out solutions together can make it just as well.

Divorce is a destructive experience for all involved. Even couples who split amicably suffer at least some lasting effects. Those who are willing to accept their own responsibilities for their intense marital problems have the greatest likelihood of moving their marriage at least in the direction of the happily ever after dream.

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I often hear from wives who are struggling to deal with a trial separation. Many aren't sure how they are supposed to be acting or feeling. They also aren't sure whether their husband is ever going to come home or commit to working on the marriage. This uncertainty can be extremely hard to deal with.

I recently heard from a wife who said, in part: "my husband told me he wanted a trial separation about three months ago. He left home about seven weeks ago. As of today, he still has no idea what he wants. Some days he seems to have a positive attitude and he is more receptive and sweet to me. And, other days, he will act as if he's loving his freedom and as if he might never come back home. Not knowing what is going to happen with my marriage is driving me crazy. I have tried to be patient, but it's at the point where I feel as if my life is on hold. I feel like I am made to live in limbo while I'm supposed to wait patiently for him to make up his mind. How do I deal with this? Because there are some days when I think that I could accept it if he told me he was never coming back because at least I would have a definitive answer. But then, once I calm down, I know this isn't true. If he's going to make the decision to leave me for good, I'd rather put that off as long as possible. But at the same time, this is very difficult. How do I cope with the uncertainty?"

I understand exactly where this wife is coming from. I felt the same way when my husband and I were separated. On the one hand, I was desperate for answers. But on the other hand, I didn't want the answers to come if they were going to be the answers that I did not want to hear. So like the wife above, I was caught in limbo for a while, especially since I was so depressed that I didn't venture out a lot on my own at first. But with the help of others and after finally being honest with myself, I decided to change my tactics. And this truly did make all the difference, which I will discuss more below.

The Uncertainty Feels Much Worse When You Dwell On It. Once You Let Go (Even A Little Bit,) It Loses It's Power Over You: If you are in this situation, you probably already know that the uncertainty and turmoil seems to get worse every day. Every night when you go to sleep without an answer, you wonder how much longer you will be able to take this.

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Of course, this is a viscous cycle. The more desperate you become, the more pressure you put on your husband. And the more you pressure him, the less likely you are to get the answer you want and the more compelled he feels to take his sweet time.

To stop this cycle, you'll often first need to stop dwelling. I know that this is difficult, but it is the only way to get some relief. You will often have to convince yourself that the right answer is going to come at the right time. And, until then, there really is no sense in making yourself miserable and even lessening your chances that your husband is going to come back by demanding answers or decisions that your husband might not yet have.

It's important to understand that rushing him is more likely to make him feel like he wants to just walk away. But honestly, if you let go just a little and take even a tiny step back, you will often get faster and better results. In the meantime, you have to keep yourself busy and you may have to literally force this upon yourself. But it does get easier with time.

Forcing Yourself To Back Off Will Often Make The Process Go More Quickly: So let's talk about what you gain when you back up a little. If you force yourself to remain busy with other things, to go out with friends, to pursue your hobbies and dreams, and to not hold onto your husband's distant decision with a death grip, this whole issue loses its immediacy and its power.

Sure, you may well still want answers and you'll likely still hate the uncertainty. But, you won't be as tortured by it because you will legitimately have other things to do. This helps you in more ways than you probably realize. Not only will it usually provide immediate relief, but it will often increase the chances that you get the long term results that you are after.

It's not at all uncommon for husbands to suddenly pay attention and regain interest when you're no longer there hanging on their every word and their every action. Your stock goes up nearly immediately and suddenly your whereabouts and activities are much more important to them. And the result is often that he's suddenly inspired to move more quickly because you are no longer waiting for exactly that. It's kind of amazing how that works but that's often precisely how it does.

I know that backing off a little and living your life outside of what is happening with your marriage can be a scary thought. But time and time again, I've seen it be the best strategy that is most likely to make your husband make the quickest decision possible about coming home and working things out.

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Taking your first step to ask for help to save your marriage is sometimes a difficult one especially when you are hurting. Before you do anything else, you might try to get your hands on various marriage help books you can read on. It can give you insights and steps on how to deal with the trouble in your marriage. It can inspire you and your spouse to take a second look at your relationship. Take action today. Do something about your problem. Read one or all of these books to get you started in mending your troubled marriage.

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How One of You Can Bring the Two of You Together by Susan Page is also a bestseller. The book talks about ways to bring positive changes to a marriage even if one of the spouses is unwilling to work out their marriage.

These are just some of the marriage help books that will get you started in your attempt to ask for help to save your marriage. Take more effort in contributing to making your relationship work. Do not make a divorce your best solution. Let love be the priority in your marriage.

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