No human tragedy can be as gory as an accident and no shock as deep as the trauma post it. Accidents are uncertain and uncalled for, leaving us speechless on touching a dear one’s life. No consolation can erase the pain inflicted; no philosophy can justify such destiny. Nevertheless, the option left with the family or well wishers is to support a quick recovery. In case of a worse scenario, the guilty is held accountable in the court of law for the heinous act.

Court proceedings in case of Personal Loss
Often it is found out that, not just one party is responsible for the occurrence, but the other party too has a share of negligence. A person succumbs to injury or damage if fate plays unfair, which does not necessarily mean that he is clean. But, the crux is, any case works against the less injured or the one who is able to skip the evil eye. This makes it an imperative to consult the motor accidental claim lawyer, who can replicate the incident in court by using his expertise, to defend the plaintiff, charged for criminal conduct in front of the motor accident tribunal.
The proceedings are painful for the bereaved family, whereas, incurring a lingering agony to the less affected. A lawyer can curette the case as per his experience and version he hears from the complainant, but the major focus of the court remains on the forensic reports and the police verification. This can indeed be quite rigorous and painstaking, considering the issue of due compensation involved.

Filing Insurance Claims
Most importantly, in case of a motor accident there are claims to be presented to the insurance company, which is not a tough call except the intricate paper work, for which invariably we need a motor accident claim lawyer. An insurance company would not go in for any kind of witness verification but will cross check the details of the vehicle involved in the accident and the identity of the man behind the wheels. The company is exempt from paying claims in case of the following situation:
• The claimant is a valid license holder
• The premium has been paid on a regular basis
• Using the vehicle for racing
• Using as a hiring service goods carrier without the permit for so
Disbursement involves sections and clauses to be studied at length before a proper case can be filed. An experienced legal professional can be entrusted with the responsibility of fetching the compensation through necessary documentation on presenting the claimto the insurance company.
Summary: If something as tragic as an accident strikes, you might be at your wits end, unable to comprehend the next course of action. Be it filing a law suit for your personal loss or filing your insurance claims, only an experienced lawyer can come to your rescue.

Author's Bio: 

Chiranjit Roy has been practicing law for a decade now. He specializes in Vehicle Law and Insurance Law. He has presented numerous cases as a motor accident claims lawyer, as well as, written papers on the intricacies involved in such proceedings