You may presume that well-written press releases have lost their muscle to generate effective news coverage.

Yes, it is a fact that editors are suffering from information overload because they are inundated with hundreds of pitches daily.

You have to rely on your personal relationships with an editor or a journalist to get traction for your coverage.
The real impact of a press release is known only when it shows up in web searches.

If you make use of the best PR service your release can become virtually ubiquitous on the web.

For a consideration, big syndicators adopt a shotgun approach by disseminating your story far and wide to various desk terminals and scores of websites.

But the big question is - Are press releases still relevant for SEO?

Businesses need SEO, so why not press releases?

SEO is vital for better searchability and visibility. If your release is optimized, your company stands to build trust and credibility.

Keep in mind that press releases are more of branding and credibility mechanisms than means to boost SEO.

A press release is a wonderful way to get your word out.
If it is powerful enough, it can generate traction in social media platforms, direct traffic to target audiences, and create journalistic interest across borders.

But the going is not necessarily easy. You have to play by the rules.

Here is a set of rules you must not forget.

1. Develop the skill to write a press release.

If it is too much of a bother, use the best PR service to do the job for you.

Press releases are all about creating the right type of narration.

You must write it the way editors and journalists do.
It can take months of practice.

Not to say you cannot do it, but to acquire a journalistic tone, it is better to hire a professional service.

2. Understand your audience.

For any news item, it is important to know who is reading your story.

Disseminating your release without knowing who it is meant for is like winking at someone in the dark.

You know what is there in the content and how important it is, but for many it may be irrelevant.

It simply means that your message must be seen by the right audience; otherwise you are simply wasting time and money.

That is why you must target your story at the right audience.

You can use your analytics to focus your news to a certain demographic or a specific set of people.

For example, if you are launching your product for the millennial group, direct the content to them specifically.

3. Collaborate for better efficacy.

Some of the finest marketing strategies have been created via collaboration.

Do not confine your narrative to just your ideas.
Allow others in your team to brainstorm and come up with innovative concepts.

4. Add value to your release with images.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

A product image or a picture of your team from an important event will grab viewers’ interest and help you convey the message better.

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