A zit also referred as pimple or spot is a kind of acne or inflammations of the skin and one of the many results of excess oil getting trapped in the pores. Some of the varieties are called pustules or papules. It can be treated by different acne medications which are prescribed by Dermatologist or purchased with a drug store with a wide variety of treatments. They may appear as deeper lumps (nodules or cysts) on the face, chest, back, neck as well as shoulders. It’s important to know the formation or development process of zits or pimples on the skin for better prevention.

There are oil glands exist on our back, chest and face numbering in the thousands. There are two thousands oil glands in every square inch between cheek and nose. These oil glands’ function is to lubricate the skin by producing sebum or oil. Oil which is produced in the glands flows through tiny ducts or follicles to the surface of the skin. The uneven shedding of dead skin cells clogs the oil glands constantly in acne sufferers. After that, bacteria invade the area, feeding on the sebum resulting in an internal lump or a blemish. Our body responds by fighting the bacteria with white blood cells. As these cells die off from puss, which builds up, swelling the area, which resulting in a pimple.

Nowadays, there are various zits care management systems that has been successful in preventing pimple breakouts by attacking the root of the problem. One of the zit skin care management systems which is widely used for prevention of zits are Acnezine. It consists of a moisturizing cream that contains benzoyl peroxide and an anti-oxidant which is taken orally. This treatment is one of the best and first proven treatments for acne which has been using by peoples for decades. There are various other methods from which you can get rid of unwanted pimples or zits on your skin.

If you have been suffering from acnes for a long time and could not get the proper treatment, you should consult to a reputed dermatologist. They will help you to get well of acnes in a short period of time. There are many other factors which may be primary causes of zits. These factors include genetics and type of skin that affects the severity of skin. You can also consult to dermatologist online which have their owned official sites and provide online consultation services.

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