The British royal family e next King Charles is saying that because of the Coronavirus Living is very challenging. He said that irrespective of the place you are living the COVID-19 is a very big problem. He made these comments during the Virtual meeting with the National Trust supporters.

He said that the life which we are going to see in the future will change. He said that if life will not change for a long time it will change for some months and we should be prepared for that. He told about the trust that around 200 million pounds will be lost because of the coronavirus. 3.65 million people have been infected because of the coronavirus and around 1.9 million have recovered but More than 250 thousand people have died. Around 30,000 death happened in England alone which is more than Italy. Even though it was your which was the epicenter of the epidemic fat England has suffered more than Europe.

But he said in the telegraph that today because of the coronavirus and the epidemic making the problem in everybody is life it is more in need that the national trust should be working. The events are happening at the extraordinary face in everybody's life. He said that the coronavirus had a direct impact on the life of every human being that is why it was the necessity on us that, we should close down the national trust parks and Gardens.

Prince Charles has said that because of the coronavirus we had to cancel the 125th anniversary of the Garden Party. It was due to happen in Buckingham Palace on 14th May. He said that he was looking forward to meeting all of the people at the party. But shamefully it was not happening. But he promised that he will do everything in his position to make that happen even remotely.

The director of the trust has said that we are thinking that we will have the down in the income of the trust because of the Coronavirus and we are prepared for that.

Prince Charles is the next king in the line of the royal family. What the future can have said is very touchy for the royal fans and they are loving the comments from him. Because of the coronavirus, England is going downwards and the royal family is doing their best to make the country prosper in the right direction even though the whole world is having this problem.

Prince Charles and the whole royal family is doing their best and doing all the activities which were happened in the past but mostly remotely. Prince William and Kate Middleton are also doing their best and also homeschooling the children and along with that doing the hobby is like the photography remotely to pass the time in the lockdown.

Time to time the royal family is coming on the media and other sources by which they can't communicate to the Royal fans and the people of England.
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