Princess House, a popular Multi-level Marketing company, offers a wide variety of opportunities to individuals that want to start their own home business. Of course, as with any MLM business, many individuals wonder if the business is just a scam or if it truly offers a legitimate way to make money. Before you get started with their business opportunity, it’s important to learn more about the company. Here is a closer look at the history of the company, their products, how to get started and the earning potential offered.

About the Company

This MLM company has been around for 47 years and was first started by Charlie Collis. The company was sold to Colgate-Palmolive along the way and later a private investment group purchased it and owns the company today. Although Princess House has changed owners several times, it continues to have a family feel and Charlie Collis, the man who started the company, was actually invited to the company’s 45th anniversary celebration.

Today, the company is reported to have more than 15,000 “Lifestyle Consultants” and many of those consultants come from the Spanish speaking community. According to the company, they have consultants within the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico and even Australia.

Available Products

Princess House offers a huge line of products, including cookware products, kitchen tools, food storage, serve ware, home décor and more. They offer beautiful crystal products, which originally made the company popular. From high quality casserole dishes to holiday items and cutlery, hundreds of items are available from the company. With the wide ranges of products available, consultants, customers and party hosts have many different items from which to choose.

Starting Out as a Consultant

If you want to get started with the opportunity offered by Princess House, you will need to buy the company’s Starter Kit. The kit comes with over $500 in top-quality business supplies and products from the company. Once the Starter Kit is purchased, you also are given access to your own free website, allowing you to refer friends and family members to the site so they can learn about the products available and becoming a consultant. After becoming a consultant, you will receive training that teaches you to sell products from the company with Home Parties.

A special Hostess Rewards program is available, which acts as an incentive to get family members and friends to host one of your parties. When someone hosts a party, the rewards program allows them to enjoy getting half-priced and free items, dependent upon the sales you generate when holding the party at their home.

The overall business model for the company is fairly simple. Conducting home parties helps you to generate sales, which leads to more income potential. As you get started, you can work as little or as much as you want to bring in the income you prefer.

What is the Earning Potential?

Of course, before started as a Princess House Consultant, you’ll want to know the earning potential this opportunity has to offer. The earning potential is primarily based upon the number of parties you have. Most parties result in about $400 in sales. Some websites claim that consultants get a 25% commission from the sales made at each party, which would give consultants an average of about $100 per party, although that amount would be higher at parties that had a higher amount of sales. To enhance your earning potential, holding more parties and working to generate higher sales at each party will provide results.

Important Tips for Success

Keep in mind, recruiting other consultants can also help boost your earnings, since Princess House is a Multi-level Marketing company. So, to increase your earning potential, don’t just focus on sales, but also work to bring in new recruits to become consultants. Here are several tips that will help you successfully bring in more recruits.

Tip #1Improve Your Website – You’re given a website when you become a consultant. Work to improve the ranking of your website to get it noticed and bring in more individuals interested in the business opportunity.

Tip #2Start a Blog – A blog will help to boost your website rankings and offer helpful information to individuals that visit your site.

Tip #3Make a Video – A video is personal. Make a YouTube video to introduce yourself and your business and then add it to your site.

Overall, Princess House has a lot to offer. With hard work, it is possible to take this opportunity and turn it into a successful home business.

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