PrintingRay continues to find new ways to attract its customers to keep its business on the go. Just recently, the company revised its prices on custom printing, providing alarming competition to other printing businesses online. This new strategy has proved to be very successful with rising profits not just for the company itself, but allowing its customers to yield more profit as well.

Normally, any company would always want to maximize its own profits before looking out for the customers’ profits. However, PrintingRay is unique in its nature: customer satisfaction is first to its own profits. (It is only natural that) customers are, therefore, drawn towards this exclusive company in the hope of making more profit.

It is primarily due to its ‘customized’ nature that allows for experimentation with all sorts of designs and styles that make this particular service relatively more expensive than other sticker printing services. Even within the domains of this service only, prices vary quite a lot from one company to the other. PrintingRay beats competition from other services and companies alike.

The new set optimum prices have allowed customers to yield more profit by mainly the following ways:

1: Customers are more likely to order frequently
2: Customers are more likely to place larger orders (bulk buying)
3: Customers are more likely to diversify their uses
4: Customers are more likely to try out new styles and designs

Cheaper prices will encourage people to order custom stickers more often now. They are also likely to place larger orders to enjoy various bulk buying discounts. Moreover, they are more willing to spend money on other types of custom stickers they haven’t tried before for example, custom bumper stickers, window stickers etc. They may also start placing orders for others as part of presents or requests, if they have only been doing for themselves till now. And finally, low prices encourage experimentation with new styles and designs.

Although these factors seem to favor company’s own profits only, the truth is they are subtle ways that allow us to appreciate the profits yielded by the customers. Many a times, customers engage in the purchasing behavior as listed above, to only sell it to the next chain of buyers, thereby acting as an intermediary between the manufacturer i.e. PrintingRay and the final consumers, keeping a margin for their own profits.

In addition, printing of custom bumper stickers is a very cheap and captivating method which makes it an attractive option. It also diversifies its consumer support as a whole by making the cost of advertising almost slight for the business during the economic down turns when organized in bulk and distributed by hand or a source. And what the reproductive nature of this great spreading method is available; almost all methods of advertising are time framed, but bumper stickers are everlasting item and can continue on cars for many years to ensure that the business identity will be known in general among the puddle of spectators, and possibly even generations.

Therefore, the setting of optimum prices for custom printing allows customers to yield more profit as much as it allows the company.

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