There truly is no lack of processed foods designed to speak directly to and appeal to our children. Simple walk through any grocery store (even a health oriented grocery store) easily confirms this. Taking a closer look at the individual items and their ingredients reveals a rather sad picture. These foods seem to be abundant in fillers and artificial and chemical additives, while being seriously poor in nutritional value. Food items like cereals, snacks, instant soup mixes, instant macaroni and cheese mixes, juices, breads, cookies, pizzas, spreads, canned foods, condiments, and many others are routinely marketed directly to our children. As processed foods they are not only a rather questionable nutrition choice, but may even be responsible for many things our society is striving to eliminate. What are the most common unwanted ingredients found in these processed food items?

To answer this question we shall take a walk through a local grocery store. There we notice many pretty packages and promises of amazing nutrient abundance. However, true story about each of those products is written on their Ingredients List, usually found below the nutritional panel on the back of the package.
It appears to be impossible to find a processed food item created for children (or adults) that does not contain one or more of the following: hydrogenated oils, added sugars, high sodium levels, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, coloring agents, BHT, BHA, sulfites, trans fats, refined sugars, MSG, etc. Along with these unwanted ingredients, these products feature a loving cartoon character or a cool super hero. Right alongside the super hero image usually appear several nutritional claims designed to comfort parents while purchasing the item for their child. These foods which are very poor in their nutritional value, and may in truth be harmful to the health of our children; abound in today’s grocery stores. They are marketed in various and rather aggressive ways, while their ingredients reveal a very disturbing story. It is by now common understanding that candy and sugary snacks shall be avoided regardless of the marketing campaign image. However, there are many processed foods marketed specifically to children that are not in their best interest, but have an image of appropriateness and even one of supporting wellness.

One of the most critical steps on the way to counteracting the influence of product promotion is wellness education. Creating wise and wellness oriented consumers shall be one of our priorities. When one understands how to correctly read the food label and furthermore understands the effects that listed ingredients have on their health and health of those they are buying for, many choices take a different turn.
Along with consumer education, continued efforts in limiting advertising to children through media, schools, and extracurricular activities are another important aspect. If we are to truly show concern and willingness to positively impact the health and development of our children, then as a society we shall create a safe and nurturing environment for our children. Instead of allowing various corporate giants to lure our children into buying foods that will make them fly like a superhero or run like an 'Incredible', we shall be creating an environment where children will have abundant opportunities to engage in their food growing and selection while learning of the impact they have on their little bodies.

As we have already said, it is of critical importance for parents to be educated and knowledgeable about the true nutritional (non)value of processed foods dressed up in all kinds of fun shapes, colors, and costumes calling out to our children. With that knowledge, wise choices and nurturing guidance for our children will be much more realistic and much more readily imparted.

Modeling healthy choices is the first step, but teaching our children to make their own wise choices is a necessary and critical next step especially now that we are faced with such an overwhelming number of processed foods, poor in nutritional value, and marketed to appeal directly to our children. We must have empowered parents able to empower today’s children to make wise health supporting choices without feeling “un-cool” or “less than”, but strong, wise, and healthy.

In Health, Abundance, Love, and Light,

Daniela Sales
Reiki Master Teacher and Wellness Consultant
The Avokado Studio of Arts for Creative Living

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