Did you know that the answer to your productivity depends on the first 15 minutes of your day? Physically we know that eating breakfast in the morning is important to getting the right fuel to sustain our energy and metabolism  for the day.  What we may not realize, is  that fueling our brain with what it needs to sustain  focus, be efficient and productivity for the day is equally as important.  How do we do that?  Similar to how we will grab and eat whatever is quickest, but not necessarily nutritious when unplanned hunger arrives, we will grab aimlessly  for something "to do", anything to do, which may not be the most helpful or productive task for moving us forward during the day.

Just like your body, after a night of sleep your  brain is raring to go  for a new day.  Be sure to provide it with something that it can "sink it's teeth "into every morning!  As you prepare for the day:

  • Take 15 minutes every morning to review what is now the most important thing for you to accomplish during that day.  Ideally, this will include looking over your "to do" list and reminding yourself of what is most important now. Then  focusing and completing  these today.  I recommend a T.A.G. system for your list.  "T's" on your list are those that are to be done today, no matter what.  "A's" are those things that need to get done but will get done after the "T's".  "G's" are the  "get it done" items on your list that need to get done eventually, by the end of the week,  but are less urgent  than the "T's" or "A's". 
  • "T.A.G." ing the things that are most important for you to accomplish that day  is equally as important as reminding  your brain what is not important...i.e. "G's".  What you do not want to be doing that day needs to be a clear as what you will be doing during the day.   This can be solidified by "tagging" your list each morning, crossing things off if magically overnight they are no longer important. For instance maybe an appointment you had schedule can be crossed off because there was a call last night that the doctor was out of town.  This is a great chance to take a look at your "G's" on your list to see what can be added during that time to help get more done.
  • Remind yourself what is NOT important or  those things that you don't want to do that day.  Things like surfing randomly on the internet or sit in front of the TV. Spend time consciously be aware of where you "productivity pitfalls" are and set the intent to avoid them.  That might mean going through the drive through coffee, rather than going in and getting caught up in conversation. Or designating specific times during the day that you will check and respond to your email.
  • Fill in the blanks. When you have determined what is and what is not urgent for the day, you may discover time you didn't realize you had.  It's important to consciously and purposely fill in this new found time with something that is important.  Being able to draw from another T.A.G. item on your list will have this being a very simple yet efficient system and guaranteed to get more things done.
  • Write it down.  There is a reason we sign important documents. Even in this age of technology there is still a bit of unease when we can't put pen to paper to make it official.  Writing down what you are committing to accomplish that day is an important part of completing it.

What strategies do you use to keep your productivity high?  I'd love to hear your ideas.  Email me at support@coachingforadhd.com

Author's Bio: 

Laurie Dupar, Senior Certified ADHD Coach and trained Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, specializes in coaching clients who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. Through individual/group coaching, speaking, and writing, she helps clients and loved ones use effective strategies to minimize their ADHD challenges and experience success. She is also the co-author/editor of 365+1 ways to succeed with ADHD, 365 ways to succeed with ADHD and author of Brain Surfing and 31 Other Awesome Qualities of ADHD and Unlock the Secrets to your Entrepreneurial Brain Style. For more information, visit http://www.coachingforadhd.com.