It will move 250 employees from floors 10 and 11 to floors 37 and 38 in a downtown office. You are moving to this new space after 12 years at your current location. Your company has hired a well-known architect to plan your space and you are ready to place a large order on new cabinets and furniture (very good advanced installation). According to the current construction plan, the estimate is that you have 3 weeks after the move to leave your old space and complete the property management requirements (including patching some walls, pulling cables and cleaning in general).

Furniture Donation Pick Up is a mix of items purchased over the last 12 years. The original order for furniture purchased 12 years ago was 150 people. Further orders were made as the business grew and additional space was built, resulting in a mix of styles, conditions, etc. The furniture shows some wear and tear, but it is of good contractual quality with at least 60% reusable with a little touch up.

Objectives and objectives of the project

The main goal of this project should be to complete the move and meet the requirements of the owner at the end of the rental period. If the end date is not met, the company faces a month's rent of $ 187,500 plus possible fines. The current lease is as follows:

Main number: 250
Square meters each: 300
Total space: 75,000
Rent / month: $ 2.50
Total income: $ 187,500

Second, since it will be in the midst of a major relocation and relocation project, facilities generally do not have the time or resources to concentrate on liquidation. You need to hire a company that is reliable and does the job with the least risk and hassle.

Next, you want to maximize the value of antique furniture. You understand that there are significant costs associated with dismantling, removing and disposing of remaining furniture. You are looking for a provider / partner who has the resources and contacts to maximize value and minimize the associated costs.

Finally, in the current climate of corporate responsibility, you want to make sure that old furniture doesn't end up in a landfill that contributes to current corporate waste and pollution problems. You want a liquidation company that has the ability to recycle your old assets through resale, donations and, as a last resort, an environmentally responsible recycling. In addition, LEED considerations, which guide many new construction projects, recycling documentation can contribute to the overall success of the project.

Summary of the successful result

The move was completed within 2 weeks, enabling IT and cleaning.
The liquidator provided project management that required minimal site monitoring.
While the cost of the labor and truck project exceeded $ 35,000, furniture sales offset all or most of these costs (this is a variable based on the value of the furniture).
The liquidator provided documentation confirming that almost all furniture was sold, donated or reused.

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Objectives and objectives of the project