Many project managers started out as staff or team members. So while they are not exactly unfamiliar with the project, they are new to leadership. This is why even the best team member, when promoted to a project management position, has to take a project management certificate or diploma course. The training can arm new managers with skills necessary to avoid pitfalls that can jeopardize work relationships as well as the success of the project. Here are areas where taking formal studies in project management can be of great help.
Project Scope: Project managers should know the scope of a project really well and make sure that the team will get enough resources for that. Many times, their mistake lies on being too keen to accept projects without properly assessing feasibility. As a new manager, it is understandably difficult to find fault or reject an idea but surely, there are ways to say so without appearing weak or negative. Knowing how to formulate objectives and make feasibility checklist are just some solutions to this problem and these are normally tackled in project management classes.
Leadership: The most skilled in the team are not always the best bets for project managers. Why? Because it takes leadership prowess to keep the ship sailing. As a project leader, you need to avoid being pushed over by your team members or allow them to work without a leader to guide them. Learn the traits of an efficient project leader and enhance your current leadership skills in a project management certificate course. Motivate your team and you will see positive results.
Project Status: Another common mistake of project managers is not being straightforward when it comes to the status of the project. Oftentimes, positive results are highlighted and negative ones are hardly revealed. Unwittingly, recognizing the latter can help improve the project or avoid more pressing issues in the future. Keep in mind that being afraid to admit mistakes is a mistake too. By studying project management, you will be more confident in facing issues and in resolving these through careful project implementation and evaluation.
Managing Resources: Resources such as time, money and people are very important and proper handling of such takes skills and training. Most new managers are not yet adept in using tools that will help maximize resources so they will benefit from a project management course that discusses project planning. Creating a detailed budget and a schedule your team will adhere to are easy to say but how to these specifically, you will find out in project management courses.

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