Products extracted from the hemp plant like CBD or THC have been on the rise since the law was passed to make the use of these products legal. Marijuana and weed are illegal in any case, and they can only be used for medical purposes. Some states also ban them for medical use.

There are multiple ways to use cannabis products like smoking, vaping, consumed as edible, and absorbed by the skin. The most common method of consuming cannabis products is by smoking them in pre-rolled joints. Like every other thing, these products have their pros and cons. In this blog, you will be learning about these factors.

What Are Pre-Rolled Cones?

Pre-rolled cones are a product that has already been rolled for you to save you time and the hustle of filling the joint. Pre-rolled joints are made from OCD sheets because they burn slower and give a smooth experience of smoking joints.

The base of the pre-filled joint contains buds and leaves from the cannabis plant, and it is usually rolled in a cone shape. You can change the rolling design according to your preference. According to the reports of the cannabis industry, about 493 million pre-rolls were sold in Canada and the USA alone.

Why Use Pre-Rolled Joints?

Pre-rolled joints were introduced in the market for people that had no experience and didn’t have time to roll the joint. The main reason behind the introduction of pre-rolled joints in the market was to save customer’s time and to give them a genuine experience. Purchasing pre-rolled joint is good if you don’t have any rolling experience because these joints are usually rolled by machines.

Now that you have learned about pre-rolled joints and why you should use them, it is time that we move on to the pros and cons.


  • Good for Beginners:

Pre-rolled joints are fine for beginners because, without experience, it gets nearly impossible for a beginner to roll the joint perfectly. You need to grind the flowers and fill the cone and enjoy the perfect experience.

  • Time Efficient:

No one has got all day for rolling a joint unless this is what they do all day. Using a pre-rolled joint can save you a lot of time because you need a couple of minutes to fill the joint. On the other hand, manually making a joint and filling it afterward will take relatively long.

  • Variety of Sizes:

You read above, how these pre-rolled joints can help you with time and effort, but these roles also come in different sizes according to your preference. Usual sizes are small, medium, and large like every other product, but you can ask the salesperson in the dispensary if you are looking for a specific size.

Many dispensaries offer multiple-sized joints is pre-rolled packaging labels. You can use any joint according to the desire you have at that time.


  • They Can Be Expensive:

Pre-rolled joints will indeed give you many pros, but the companies will charge for that convenience, and it is their right. This is because they are made to save time, and their manufacturing will need resources.

According to the cannabis industry, top-quality pre-rolled joints can cost you between $7 and $10. The joints from a reputed brand can cost nearly $50. If you are not experienced or don’t like to roll the joint with your effort, then the pre-rolled joints are your only option.

  • Vulnerable:

By the world vulnerable we don’t mean that they will break, but they can be crushed and can cause cracks resulting in a bad experience. The reason behind this is their shape. When you roll a joint manually, you light it up and smoke it without having the fear of damaging the joint.

In the case of pre-rolled joints, it is different. Pre-rolled joints will be packed in packaging, and then that packaging will face the phases of loading and unloading from the van. This doesn’t end here because after the packaging is unloaded, it will then be stored in a room where it can be crushed because of the weight of another packaging.

We hope that this blog will help you decide better.

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