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Everyone knows the Hotspot Shield Hotspot Shield and used and a lot from using Hotspot Shield, so we have provided four free software as an alternative good for Hotspot Shield, but let's first identify those programs and we give you power and you download the program, which has the admiration and complies with استخداماتك although I'm still the best program hotspot shield because he Allarroa and offers more features required and compatible with users of many despite the fact that other programs with a lot of properties also, but the Hot Spot can not Ntabrh only the best technically and the opinions surfers this wonderful program and These alternatives Hot Spot
Sabre Joost CyberGhost - the first alternative to hotspot shield

Sabre Joost performs the same functions provided by the program Hotspot Shield, but in some different characteristics and allows you to program CyberGhost to browse sites without identity or tracking Aye Pei your IP address and through various transfers carried out by Sabre Joost program and one of the most important disadvantages

Often leads to slow your Internet
You do not receive the required quality images
Affects the speed of the video Stream

Ultra Surf UltraSurf second alternative program Hotspot Shield

Ultra Surf Ultra Surf is a lightweight application that allows you to browse the unknown and traffic on sites from any country you want and doing in the BNP network VPN private and allows you to hide your identity, but also know the disadvantages of the program first Ultra Surf before use

Is not guaranteed and does not know anything about servers, which act as an intermediary between you and the Internet - perhaps two of spying you
Internet speed slows, the more pressure on those servers
There is no program in the Ultra Cerf enough options exist in other similar programs
Are not transparent in doing Ultra Surf

Tunnel Bear TunnelBear - the third alternative program Hotspot Shield

Program Tunnel Bear TunnelBear application is well designed and provides a virtual private network VPN is easy to use to get to the services and sites that are blocked in certain countries in the foundation, allowing only TunnelBear communications within the United States and Britain, but now they are working all over the world. If you're traveling and want to use a service like Pandora or Netflix, which is available only in the United States, you will have to use the service VPN such as TunnelBear, and one of the most important software defects TunnelBear

The Bandwidth or unlimited capacity for customers who use the program free of charge
Tunnel Bear program is Free in the foundation and it is important to pay your monthly bill if Taidt Capacity Ltd.
Takes a period of almost 15 minutes until the connection is provided by WFP servers
Other programs, such as Hotspot Shield provides unlimited capacity

Expat Shield Expat Shield Alternative Fourth Hot Spot
Expat Shield Expat Shield is a program that is known in the UK and provides service in the BNP simple and is watching satellite cabin on English only and for this you can program Expat Shield of watching those channels if you are outside the UK and is limited only to those services and defects program Expat Shield

The only change IP address to the United Kingdom and has no other gives you Aabhatt of outside Britain
Some users have complained about the Expat Shield program will convert them to Aabhatt of the United States
Toolbar installs the top of the browser and displays fake things
It displays a lot of ads also foul the top of your browser and that offend public morality
Takes time during installation

The end of these alternatives
This was the most important alternatives free program Hotspot Shield and its features and the defects what makes you decide whichever you can use it, but we provide a link fixed to always program Hotspot Shield hotspot shield and you can download it as well through this link or via the icon on the left

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Hotspot shield program and four other alternatives FREE
hotspot shield 2013

hotspot shield download

hotspot shield برنامج