Next-gen consoles like PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett will be a boon for Take-Two's developers, and shouldn't skyrocket development prices for key titles.

Right now the whole games industry is gearing up for next-gen. Both of the PS5 and Job Scarlett consoles pose intriguing opportunities for large gameplay performance gains thanks to important hardware leaps; the systems both sport high-end AMD Zen 2 CPU and Navi GPU technology, complete with built in superfast PCIe 4.0 SSDs, complete backward compatibility support, plus a strong emphasis on visuals and frame rate perf.

With these new improvements it stands to reason developers might need to spend more to squeeze out even more functionality from the hardware store. But that is not exactly the case, at least for Take-Two, who is all but supported GTA 6 is in the works to get next-gen. The non-substantial cost bulge and next-gen's similarity with PC hardware can translate into a shorter development cycle, too.

"We don't really expect material cost varies with the new generation. With every new generation it enables us to perform more, developers wish to do more, and that could cost a little more.

"In terms of the production itself, we are really excited about the upcoming tech. But to be clear, this technology is going to be pretty similar across the console and PC formats. Anything that enables our programmers to be more creative and push the envelop more that is a fantastic thing for us because that is what we're known for.

"I think it generates a real opportunity and we do not see it as having any negative effect whatsoever on our business and our catalog."

Mr. Zelnick goes on to say the growing pains between games generations have been eliminated. Developers and publishers now have extremely easy transitions and don't have to ruin their pocketbooks or invest some time in development hell to get games published on new systems.

"The days of the sine curve waxing and waning in the interactive entertainment industry around hardware cycles...people are long gone. The transition from last-gen to current-gen was not taxing for us or for the business. It was really the first time the business has gone through one of these transitions without someone going bankrupt. We had no difficulty in any way. It was totally easy for all of us. The market is changing, a formerly closed system is indeed turning into a open platform, and that means hardware is going to seem more like hardware and less like hardware taxing software."

Take-Two says it now has the strongest pipeline of in-development material than it has ever had, and suggests big labels like Rockstar and 2K Games are gearing up for the new console generation.

The PlayStation 5 and next-gen Xbox consoles news are due from Holiday 2020.

Check below for more details such as confirmed specifications of every system.

Project Scarlett confirmed details:

Zen 2 CPU
Navi GPU
4x as powerful as the Xbox One X'I'mTFLOPs of perf
Super-fast SSD which may be used as VRAM (likely PCIe 4.0)
Supports 8K resolution (probably media playback)
120FPS gaming
Can deliver up to 40x more functionality than Xbox One in particular use cases
Ray Tracing confirmed
Backward compatible with Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games
Compatible with Xbox One accessories

PlayStation 5 confirmed specs:

Navi GPU Zen two CPU
Ultra-fast SSD (probably via PCIe 4.0)
Support for 4K 120 Hz TVs
Ray-tracing enabled
8K images support (probably movie, not gambling )
Plays all PS4 games

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