Although publishing content does involve a bit of work, especially in the preparation stages, it is one of the best ways to build traffic online! Marketers are learning that to succeed over the long term they must build a following and using content to do so makes so much sense! What you publish, if of good quality, tends to circulate online almost indefinitely and this can help you become recognized as an authority in your field! Additionally anything you create and publish tends to continue sending you traffic well into the future provided it remains relevant!

Here are 3 simple ways using content can keep you in 'front' of people online thereby building your authority and traffic well after being published!


Blogs are considered both dynamic and socially oriented therefore anything you post on a platform like this typically enjoys a longer life span! Visitors often times like to leave comments targeting a specific post that can easily initiate further discussion! In addition to this great benefit is the fact that these platforms are ideal for anyone who wants to build a following online provided the content remains fresh and relevant! Blogging platforms are more the 'rule' than the 'exception' anymore for anyone wanting to maintain an online presence!


Although article directories don't carry as much clout in terms of boosting your sites se ranking as they once did, they're still another great platform for your publications! People in search of information, which means just about everyone, still peruse article directories to find what they're looking or even for new perspectives on older topics! Another great advantage these directories offer is the archives they maintain which means people can easily view older publications thus extending the life of them! Using content you've created for submission to article directories still proves to be a very effective way to build traffic online!


Video is fast becoming one of the most popular methods for sharing content primarily because people in general are more visual by nature! Think about this for a moment, would you rather read text or be able to 'see and hear' any content that has captured your attention? Exactly, most of us find it easier and even more entertaining to see a video deliver the same message you could read in text! Now with more and more mobile devices being able to take videos as well as access the internet, video is poised to become even more dominant! Think about the potential YouTube holds for anyone who wants to build a following simply because using video helps break down the 'remoteness' of the internet by allowing others to see you! This breeds trust and loyalty much faster!

Publishing content has long been considered a great way to build traffic on the internet! The fact that this strategy is also a great way to build a following has NOT been lost on marketers using content either! Working smarter and developing a loyal following are keys to succeeding online and since using content does both, it only makes sense to make this your primary marketing strategy!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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