The first day of our puppy in our house is a very exciting moment for the family members. It is vital to be careful in potty training. General mistake is often made by the new family is that they believe that the potty is too small to have potty training and thus is let to move freely in this home.

If we do that, we would compell our puppy to make mistake. Because generally dogs coming from a smaller living areas like cages, tend to pee around when they let to move freely in a larger living space like a room and/or home.

Limiting the Space the Puppy Can Move

The first thing we must pay attention is to create a space limitation for them by putting them in dog playpen which can be bought from petshops. Inside the playpen we can put its bed, feeder bowl, water bowl and pee pad.

Since this area is limited, it will attempt to pee on the pad. The repeated action of peeing on the pad will create the habit for the puppy to pee on the pad all the time. We must hold it in this space around 15-20 days, or even for 1 month.

Remove the Limitation and Observe

We can start to take the puppy out of the playpen at the end of this time along with the pee pads and put them in the room. If the dog pees directly to the pad in the room, we will love it and give its prize. If it doesn't, we will warn it by saying "No" along with an unkind sound and no family members will love it for the next 30 minutes.

An important point is that it is recommended not to have objects like carpets or rugs in the room beause of their soft, wool and featherlike nature since dogs like to pee on such materials. Thus potty training becomes almost impossible under these circumstances.

Open the Whole House and Teaching the Rules

After testing its peeing behaviors for anther 20 days to 1 month time, and seeing that your puppy pees on the pad as a general rule, it's time to open the whole house to your puppy.

When we open the whole house to its mobility, we must put some rules like not to enter to bed room and kitchen. It is very important for the dog to know that you are the one who establishes the rules. This information makes you its leader and owner other than its playmate. Understanding the fact that you are the rule maker and angry when not obeyed would mean that you are the boss in its eyes and will start to show obedience to you. By behaving this way, you give the basic of obedience training.

After this training, you can bring it out for walk after comleting its vaccines. and encourage it to pee outside of house if you wish it not to pee on the pads any more. We can provide that it pees outside, by taking it out as much as we can.

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