2011: "The Hand of Man"

This is when the genius wakes up in a lot of people, or when we find out what some amazing problem-solvers have been up to. Furious collaborations can take place behind the scenes, ongoing now in the beginning of the year, and then again, before certain revelations are made about developments that mean a lot to all people. "The hand of man"...we see what it means to step up to the plate, as many do in 2011. Some people really catch fire towards the end of the year.

"...I can't see very well" could sum up 2011 as well. It is a minefield of activity, as events and developments go off like firecrackers around the world, and all in different directions, seemingly portending different collective fates. (Many of the most positive developments are happening in secret, to be revealed later.)

New developments that change the equation, new surprising alliances, and terrible disasters ...Nature makes room for it all in 2011. It may not be until the middle of 2012 that a collective seal of approval comes, a general sense that "we made it". (The December 2010 newsletter describes the revolutions and upheavals going on in the beginning of 2011, and also concludes it’s “the dying at the beginning of something new”)

Women continue their upward journey after many long years of torture and revilement, and will continue to martyr themselves this year and die to tell their story, but they are gaining ground in different places, and their voices and issues are heard more.

Our collective consciousness makes a place for fear to manifest...it may be far from us, but still we're connected to fearful events that touch everybody, regardless of race and religion. We're here to witness the birth of many new things, places, beings, and becomings, and some of their chapters are stark and terror-filled. Be aware of the love you can also feel from all beings willing to connect. This development is a sure evolutionary bet , and one we will feel before it comes.

There's a concentration of inevitable conflicts and karmic encounters, but not in the United States. Here in the U.S., there's the potential finally for good infrastructure, so that the government's workings have the peoples' back, but this potential is latent, a safe scaffolding not yet erected. Still, the U.S. is now about building things, and other countries are having show-downs.

The Mood: Time's have changed, it's not so grim. There's light around the edges...we're smiling more. Life is delivering more, needs are met more, and we are even divine sometimes in our growing acceptance of others. This scent of our own divinity becomes very strong in the Spring of 2012.

What grows: The atmosphere of 2011 fosters the growth of community, innovation, scientific exchange, and whatever can be received through antennas out in space.

The force of young people without prejudice and how they will influence the world, is upon us.

There's a flight to spiritual realms...through all kinds of means, many more have the goal of communion with the divine. There's a deep yearning within for real, felt connections with the spiritual side of life. (Coincidentally, three philosophers are now discussing the relevance of the ancient Greeks, and how they revered life and cared about everything. In Greek theaters, they literally embodied the divine, and were mediums for their gods. One new book about the Greeks by philosophers Huburt Dreyfus and Sean Dorrance Kelly is reviewed in the December 31st Wall Street Journal in an article titled, "The Gods Return". Philosopher Peter Kingsley's new books on the reverent roots of Western civilization are reviewed in the current winter quarter of Parabola, called, "A Reverence for the Divine.")

Crack-up: There's something about the atmosphere of 2011 that it is harder for rigid and inflexible people to continue to function and stay organized. They feel huge pressure if their way of being with others is to exclude and deny.

Commodities: Gold is still up.
New or different kinds of industrial metals come to the fore.
Silver finds new markets...it's still up.
A new strain of corn is developed..healthier, stronger, and giving more to people than before.

The biggest event of the year is in late summer or early fall.

The U.S. and President Obama: The U.S. economy is going to improve in 2011 by a lot, juxtaposed with more people continuing to suffer, as there are extreme breakdowns in the lives of some people. Also, although on the whole the U.S. is going to be fine, freak things happen that worry us. It's a ruthless year when it comes to the forces slashing through flimsy support systems.

In the future, The Dream Act will find a way, perhaps through a ground-swelling people movement. Believe it or not, the Republican Congress is what helps forward a U.S.A. with heart.

It is President Obama's most pioneering year: On the agenda are a lot of experiments, exploration--things that don't come to fruition right away. There are new roles for government, and a lot of testing of those roles. President Obama still frustrates people, they still don't see what he's doing, and where he's going. He continues to surprise people.

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