Python was created by G van Rossum and initially released in 1991. Since then, this programming language has changed considerably over the years and is still used for similar things as it was used in its initial days. This is also one of the major reasons for its popularity.
People who know Python consider it as a purely production-based language designed for first-class projects and enterprise. Along with the rich history, this language has a huge community and it can be used for anything. That is the reason why it is considered so versatile. With Python, you can do so much, such as creating scripts for desktop programs, building.
Raspberry Pi applications, training machine learning algorithms, configure servers and so many other things. Really, with this programming language, there are no limits… But before jumping directly to the top blogs for Python, let’s explore some other facts about Python.
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It is a general-purpose programming language which was designed to be simple for writing and reading. Python is not at all complex language and anyone having the basic knowledge of programming can start with it. The developers behind Python paid less attention to conventional syntax like any other programming language and that is the reason which makes Python very easy to work with, even for nonprogrammers.
Other than this, Python offers several options to programmers in general and meets all their different development needs. If they start with Python for any particular task or project, it is easier for them to jump or switch to any other task or project even if it’s a totally different field or industry. This language can be used for artificial intelligence & machine learning, data science, web development, system operations, deployment, scientific modeling, server and administrative tools, and so much more.
But to your surprise, numerous developers don’t consider Python as their primary programming language because of the fact that it’s easy to learn and use, and they take Python as their secondary or third programming language.
Of course, thanks to all its features, today, various big names including Google, Amazon, Facebook and others are using Python for several of their applications.
Some popular use of Python programming language is as follows:
Widely used for building and training artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms
Can easily handle big data and perform complex mathematics
Widely used for data science-related tasks like data cleaning, data analysis & others
Used alongside software for creating workflows
Used on a server for creating web-based applications
It can connect database systems and can also read or modify files
Highly recommended for rapid prototyping or for production-ready software development
The same can be explained through a visual as shown below through a survey conducted:
It is packed with several features which programmers love for their projects. Such as: –
Python is a cross-platform programming language i.e. it can be used for Windows, Linux, Mac, Raspberry Pi and others.
It has a simple syntax which is very similar to the English language.
Thanks to its syntax, with Python, developers can write programs in fewer lines of codes than any other existing programming languages.
Python runs on an interpreter system which allows developers to execute the code as soon as it is written or completed. This makes prototyping very quick.
It can be treated in an object-oriented way, a functional way or a procedural way.
Currently, there is a multitude of programming languages which we could count on our fingers. Each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages but among all.
Easy to learn, code and read
Free and open-source
High-level programming language
Portable and extensible
Large range of library
Dynamically Typed
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