Quantum Manifestation Of Heart Based Abundance 2: How Can One Plus One Equal Three?

Positive Quantum Structure Turns One Plus One Equals Three Into Cosmic Reality!
The Fifth Dimension is Positive and entry into it is a welcome into a new, personal, individual yet free-will world for all, Natural Timeline. Negativity bars the entry into it.
These foundational principles are revealed within the following mathematical equation, as follows:

1 plus 1 equals 3

One can visualize the infinity symbol for easier integration of above formula. On the left side of the Infinity Symbol is the number 1. The Right Side is the number 2. The intersecting zero point transition in the middle is the quantum leap into number 3! The third structure is the Quantum Manifestation multi-dimensional realm!

As you notice, when at a zero point of complete beingness, one can go about anywhere outside of the 3-1 and 4-1 physical, imaginal realms. When practicing Quantum Manifestation, the third structure is simultaneously built from free-will choice to equalize emotions into complete transformation of 100% complete self-knowledge of moving on into a new dimension of co-creation every moment to moment of ones life and the help of Spiritual Guides who will help you to crystallize this structure and help create it for easier transition into it for you.

There is even the opinion that this Quantum Manifestation structure is only attainable through the assistance of other loving beings who resonate there already. They are there for us in order to help us transition up to the fifth and above multi-dimensions and up and out of the 3-1 and 4-1 dualistic, multi-dimensions of negativity and lack based existences for most.

We can now follow a cosmic blueprint and fly up and into brave, free, multi-dimensional realms where one can have it all, based on positive, heart-based, unconditional love for self and others!

These places of Fifth Dimensional homes that go up, across, in and out through waves of frequency, are co-created by and through a network of physical and etheric truth beings of Unconditional Love and Clear, Red Hearts who have free-will chosen to be of service in order to help others.

These beings are made up of you’s and me’s from the past, present, future and other natural times! Each one has consciously chosen to help create these unlimited realms for themselves for the release out of negative based structures and suffering and into a freer, constantly abundant and content, truth of goodness multi-dimensions that are available only to those who are of the same resonance, on an unlimited scale, availability, and places already built to go to or be taken to as a favor and miracle of gifted knowledge from them.

This Gratitude is one of the reasons that any being chooses to be of service unconditionally through the Worship, Love, and Surrender to Great Creator’s Unconditional Love and Redemption for each of us! Source of Heart is the Revealor! Therefore, there is no place for deceptors! There is no home, no comfort, nor magical, pure, quantum manifestation mastery and loving, magical mysteries for oppressors, power-mongers, spiritual or physical predators, nor for those who are of exploitative character or worse... in the 5-1 and above, physical and etheric multi-dimensions! Yay!!!

There on up over yonder are higher vibrational realms of happy, super-intelligent, righteous free worlds where kindness and laughter are super-powers and wielded with humor to the good actions of abundance for all equally! All needs are met and sometimes even before they come up! All laugh when they find something funny!

There are no choices on the encoding of the positive foundation on which the Quantum Manifestation platform is built upon, for it is built upon the cornerstone of BEINGS HELPING BEINGS! Therefore, these Unconditional Love, positive structures of multi-dimensions exist outside of the presence of deception and negative beings that continually go darker and darker every moment they choose to hurt others through contrived and stratagized manipulations for whatever reasons.

No vibrations similar to negative heartminds and/or manipulated insincerity shall enter into the Fifth Dimensions and above, across, below, diagonally or in any ways, because they are co-created from the energies of Unconditional Love and the crystallized structure in which Beings Helping Other Beings is for the betterment of all, which is a real turn-off for negative consciousness entities or sub-conscious manipulators!

In this reality of this moment where we find ourselves in the 3-1 and 4-1 duality realms, there does exist a twisted world where control, power, and corrupted moneys get respected and sought after... those who respect those realities, in reality, can not enter into lovely realities of non-violence that does not exist for them… well, that is until divine intervention moves the intelligent spirit soul into seeking a different and better way of existing and fulfilling ones reasons for existing, which one of the right answers is to always self-develop into a more loving being and then from gratitude of redemption and grace, to help others get better too!

We now have the cosmic opportunity and sacred teachings to help us access the Unified Field of Consciousness/Sub-Conscious realms where there are other individuals from alternate realities, parallel existences, other physical worlds including Galactic beings, and non-physical love beings who are on our sides!

There are an infinite amount of loving beings who have given their heart to the service of others in all natural times, space, and dimensions in order to help from the place of Loving Gratitude that comes from within their own heart.

Some of them are our Guardian Spirits, Angels of Mercy, personal Guides, Star Families, Ancient Resonances of Knowledge frequencies Shared Unconditionally that are part of the Web of Life, in addition to the ever-present presence of Great Creator’s Unconditional Love for each one of us, and the Comfort of Father God and Mother Goddess available to all beings through faith, seeking, receiving, and more!

*People Helping People Helps Others To Help Others. It is the future economy for equal abundance for all!

Much Contentment, Protection, and Abundance to Thee!


*Important Reference Points

Marina explains the process of raising ones emotions through a plethora of mediums, including a frequency hertz chart that makes it easier to visualize the fifth dimensional ascension process. This energetic ascension chart shows the foundational quantum manifestation structure.

*Repeated Fundamentals of Quantum Manifestation (please see first article for more information).

To find out more and begin your own practice, find Marina Jacobi: Quantum Manifestation series on ytube and enter into a freer, higher-vibrational realm where life is easier and promotes contentment for all loving Beings!

*All that is explained and shared here is a representation of personal practice of the information that is shared through Marina’s messages and choices to help humanity! These personal messages are coded for those who are on the same vibrational frequency. There are correlations and parallels between ancient teachings and these teachings of the new paradigm of beings helping beings through the quantum structure of manifestations and healings. When one studies the ‘words’ of Jesus, Mary and Mary, and Joseph, one begins to realize that all is the same, as are we! These futuristic teachings are all biblical in the positive perspective! Enter into this self-development study by free-will choice and become the positive change you are seeking!

The numbers of this quantum manifestation structure are based on one plus one equals three. The third dimension of the two are the quantum leap into the fifth dimensional structure of Unconditional Love, Abundance, and Righteous Existence!

The one plus one equals three is the multi-dimensional trinity structure of three. I am calling this quantum physics-based mathematical equation ‘The Infinity Formula’ for easy reference. The Infinity Formula is the cornerstone of the Quantum Manifestation platform built by Marina Jacobi.

My intention is that some of this very cosmic, fifth dimensional information makes some kind of sense, for it is quite challenging pulling these concepts out of the practice and into words. To have an overall reference point, I shall name the Quantum Manifestation process, that leads to free-will and contentment for individual self and All, the ‘Free World Abundance Blueprint’ (not authorized...purely personal choice to create names for everything in order to facilitate easier puzzle completion and to help crystallize the process into form for eternal practice)!

The Fifth Dimension is Positive. Negativity bars the entry into it. Fundamentals…

*Quantum Manifestation Model
One Plus One Equals Three

1 plus 1 equals 3


+1 E Equalize (to turn negative into positive)
+1 T Transform (to 100% move on from past into new moment of co-creation)
=3 E Elevate and Energize (elevate vibrations into new crystallized, fifth dimensional structure of quantum abundance and spiritual free-will for thyself and all)

EQUALIZE, Neutralize, Stop the negative feelings Now.
The First One, 1, is our Emotions. When we equalize and neutralize our emotions, we can increase our vibration into the next step… It is also from here that we can quantum leap into service to help others, which is part of the process… Raising positive vibrations are called into being.
*This sounds less dramatic than than the reality of actually doing it; this step is the hardest to master, for it requires equalization of negative Emotions. These feelings are what gets neutralized, through conscious practice, to the equal level of zero point ‘emittance’. Then once we do that, we can quantum leap into positive vibrations and into the Fifth Dimension! This practice is the hardest and requires the most practice, for this world is challenging many, but this step is essential in order for the structure to work completely. It is the quantum leap of turning a negative into a positive by personal, individual conscious choice and effort! No one can do this practice for you!

The second one is Transform. When we realize that those emotions we are equalizing are of the past, and are done, then we can embrace the moment of this realization as a new life and move on past the past. This step has to be deeply felt to the 100 percent complete feeling of being in the moment of where you body is at in the ‘now’ moment. That is how you can find your footing, is locate to your Now moment.

The third one is Elevate, Energize, and Increase that feeling into entering the new structure of Quantum Manifestation! When the third structure is entered into by choice, it begins to build itself and over natural time and self-practice, can better strengthen itself into the new realm that will be your new reality! It is in this fifth dimension where you will learn to go to manifest abundance based on your specific needs that shall come to you outside of the money structure, but can include it.

*Beings Helping Beings

Glory Hallelujah!

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer T. Webb is a writer, artist, and healer. She had a drowning, Near-death experience that enlightened her to Unconditional Love through Great Creator after dying twice in one night and being returned to life! She practices bringing the heavenly vibrations of gifted self-redemption, grace, and esoteric knowledge into the moments of Now, in order to be better and do better!