Quantum Manifestation Abundance 4: Fifth Dimensional Ascension

Quantum Manifestation is the Quantum Physics mathematical model that is used as the formula to co-create a Paradigm Shift in ones own reality that takes one into the Fifth Dimensions and beyond!

This principle, Quantum Manifestation Of Heart Based Abundance is a platform that is expressed by the teachings of Marina Jacobi. The infinity symbol is used for the one plus one equals three quantum manifestation equation in addition to the ascension chart that can be found on the ytube series by Marina. All is to help us embrace the fifth dimensional structure that is available as a tool to ascension! We progress on the personal practice of the Quantum Manifestation process...

In studying the infinity symbol structure, there are many levels of the trinity model that Marina teaches us. The one plus one equals three equation of Quantum Manifestation fits into many levels of alternate realities, multiple dimensions and infinite space that exists!

As this practice of this process goes deeper it is necessary to revisit and rebuild the foundation of the belief/emotional body with the quantum manifestation model in order to keep building on it...

1 plus 1 equals 3
One Plus One Equals Three

Imagine the infinity symbol sideways. The first loop on the left is the number one. The second loop on the right is the number one. That is the one plus one. The point in the middle of the infinity symbol is where the three is located equal to zero point. This is the quantum sum total location that adds to three etherically. It is also located in the moment of Now!

One plus one equals three! The infinity symbol!

The first ‘one’ represents equalizing our emotions. The second ‘one’ represents our confidence of 100 percent moving on past the emotions. The third ‘one’ is the quantum leap that adds the third structure of the three. It is a jump into a parallel and/or different dimensional time in space! This structure that is built etherically is the third number that is the three of the one plus one equals three and is The Fifth Dimension!

The fifth dimensional structure is really just a starting point, for it is the entry into infinity itself! All who enter the fifth dimensions and above or parallel say AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Relief is in the fifth dimensional structure that gets strengthened every time it is utilized and/or visited!

One of the ways to get to the fifth dimension and other natural timelines is to consciously and mentally co-create it. This indicates that when one goes through the practice of applying the Quantum Manifestation process on purpose, the fifth dimensional structure becomes a sanctuary and protective shield for our heart that now rules our mind. It can change us, help us and transform us into creative individuals who use their consciousness to visualize and build a better reality for self and others! The Quantum Manifestation model gives us that way to control ourselves and our emotions!

The formula I was given to use in order to remember the Quantum Manifestation emotional process is E.T.E.
E.T.E. represents the following in generalities:

E. Equalize Emotions By Neutralizing Them
T. Transform 100% Moving On From Past/Moment (which is the zero point of the emotions)
E. Energize the feeling of moving on in order to co-create a new structure for a new timeline where emotions co-create positive outcomes!

In the one plus one equals three, one is the emotions. Marina Jacobi says to take the emotions and/or situation that we are dealing with and striving to control by immediately Stopping Them! Begin the process by pulling out of the emotional downspiral, so to speak.

The way to do that is with the second step of the second number one of the one plus one equals three. It is to realize completely that we are in a different moment every moment to moment! Quantum Manifestation equalizes those emotions into a different perspective! Seeing ourselves as 100 percent sure that we have moved on past the past releases the emotions that we were striving so hard to control.

It is at this point that we reach zero point of our emotions which is ironically the driving force of what we are co-creating in our world! Now we get to elevate into the fifth dimension! It is how we get to three! It is a whole new natural timeline and portal to infinitely other natural timelines personally and individually but includes us all! The new fifth dimensional energetic home we are building is to ascend more and more, the more we play nice!

That zero point release of gravity at the three is what brings forth the ascension! Emotional vibrations are physical manifestations! They are also the co-creative force that opens the door that when we step through we enter into a quantum leap that takes us to the Fifth Dimensions above and beyond!

When the infinity symbol of the one plus one equals three symbol is applied to our thoughts, it is as though the zero point of equalization seems to move parallel or sideways, yet the new structure is above and beyond and into eternity... By looking at it this way, the energy wave that is created when we purposefully Give Unconditionally when occasion arises creates a new infinity symbol that arises over the equal sign of the equation... That is a portal to the Fifth Dimension! From there, there are infinite possibilities created by each moment to moment of ascending existence!

Imagine the infinity symbol into infinity! It is manifesting with your positive choices coming back to you to lift you higher and higher through the ascension process into your freer world where we are all freer by you doing this practice yourself! It is a way to help others without the need for money!

Elevations and ascensions are the mediums of helping to create a sustainable fifth dimensional structure. It lifts up, out and beyond over the equal symbol of the equation. It is where a brighter, more consciously evolved place of visualized righteousness exists and it is called the Fifth Dimension! We and other love beings are helping to build it for ourselves as a way to take care of ourselves and others as free as we are meant to be!

The Quantum Manifestation structure materializes in a sense of mathematics which is where the quantum physics comes into play! By learning about all the different parallel dimensions that are discussed through Quantum Physics, we have a simpler way to process the information available through the Quantum Manifestation process.

The Quantum Manifestation model amplifies itself into infinite possibilities! When the zero point of emotional equalization is reached we go parallel or I do and it has opened up and co-created another glowing blue and white crystallized glowing orb that is the multi-verse of infinite natural timelines! I am building my fifth dimensional structure that is my brave free world through the quantum jump!

When negative feelings or other emotions that don’t benefit us take us on, they can rule us! They can also affect our existence in a way that destroys our good moods, environments, and others. To have a way to balance our emotions is imperative spiritually in order to co-create a better, freer world! Especially when it is revealed that the world we co-create is already the one we are in and has been created from unawareness of the way it has been created. One of the ways to recreate our world is with the tools that co-created it in the first place, albeit with conscious effort and for the highest good for all! It is only by realizing that the things we have worked so hard for and the beliefs many have died for are all conditions of massive brainwashing and negative intent to control all through power and other means, that we can claim real free-will sovereignty of our hearts, minds, bodies and paths through life by taking control of ourselves and all that goes with that!There are situations, media, environments, frequencies, sounds, and more that have been deliberately contrived on a negative platform that pushes negativity as a frenetic and constantly unsatisfied feeling of desperation that is perceived as normal which reveals that what one thought they were really isn’t…

We are naturally and consciously conceived to be free! We are here to experience the curious world in us and around us yet still help others in the process!


The place elevated consciousness leads us to is Eternal Divineness! Bliss, contentment and excitement for the adventure that is life renews us and restores us! We can now go where those who exist within their heart set go!

Welcome to The Fifth Dimension! You are here!

When choosing to practice Positivism by free-will choice, there is more nurturing comfort rewarded because we can receive it more! We are loved and even noticed for being good, being trusting, being kind, being humble, being compassionate, being joyous, being faith-full and being in love based relationships and more all just for Loving Love!

It is the overlay of the intelligence being being co-creative by free-will choice that brings visualization and imagination into play! By using techniques of ‘pretend’ as a child does through theta brainwaves, our thoughts manifest realities quicker and more realistically!

When realizing that we beings, perceived intelligent or not are all in a synergistic hologram of energetic vibrations that change with our vibration, then we find that we are indeed, through Great Creator, Co-creators of our own realities! By owning the creative power vested in us through Great Creator, we can take back the paintbrush that painted our current holographic image and foundationally paint a new one from what we choose!

Since the Quantum Manifestation model is based on Positivism, only those who resonate with it go. The power is now in the hands of those who compassionately hold the hands of others! It gives us our personal power as negative influences begin to wash away unseen! We are lifted into new vibrations of chosen personal peacefulness and co-creative efforts of applying ourselves and our intelligence to build a freer world for ourselves and all! Everyone who can and those who wish to now have available first class tickets to fly dimensionally! Heart-based quantum manifestation of the fifth dimension lightens and enlightens hearts!

The way to increasing the personal power vested in us through Great Creator is to immediately learn how to equalize emotions! This foundational requirement is to take control of our thoughts and emotions as the powers that make up our manifestations that show up in our existences!

Through practicing emotional energy stabilization we can increase our natural vibrations of creativity and apply that to our worlds! As the energy system increases of completely believing and embracing the energetic emotional powers of ourselves that turns negatives into positives, we get catapulted supernaturally and synergestically into spiritual realms of growth and abundance for all equally, exponentially and into infinity!

By doing this practice we can change our natural timelines in the present and future and move on past the past in order to lift up and across into better emotional existences where our heart-based choices build good-will and abundance for all! We can use imagination to imagine our existences being more peaceful in order to mellow out and rise! We can figure out what it is that would help us feel better about ourselves and the world we find ourselves in right now! We can apply the idea of needs being met, sometimes even before they come up! We can enter the fifth dimensional structure and be assisted!

By speaking good intentions for the highest good of all, by Tony Burroughs, we can communicate with our Guardian Spirits, Angels of Mercy, Personal Protectors, and connect with the loving beings that resonate at higher frequencies than in the 3-1 and 4-1 dimensions! We can assist the liberation of ourselves, others, our planet, galaxies, creatures, elements of consciousness and more all by practicing emotional equalization in order to control ourselves! All that which co-creates a better world for self also creates a freer world for all!

The Quantum Manifestation platform by Marina Jacobi is so powerful that I send out beautiful, crystallized rainbow vibrations to all sentient beings on Mother Earth and beyond to utilize the power of their own emotions to Give Unconditionally and be open to Receiving Unlimitedly! With our highest intent for the highest good for all, so it is and it is done!

You can learn more about other ways to do this practice by watching the videos by Marina on ytube of the Quantum Manifestation series. She has diagrams, frequencies, messages and other information that will help all to have a better overstanding view of how to apply the Quantum Manifestation model to access and direct personal power for the highest good of self, all concerned, and indeed, for the highest good of all!

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer T. Webb is a writer, artist, and healer. She had a drowning, Near-death experience that enlightened her to Unconditional Love through Great Creator after dying twice in one night and being returned to life! She practices bringing the heavenly vibrations of gifted self-redemption, grace, and esoteric knowledge into the moments of Now, in order to be better and do better!