When practicing the quantum manifestation blueprint by Marina Jacobi and other intelligent, loving beings, we find that the synchronicities that caught our eyes as children are come to be!

When we free-will choose to look through the negative hologram by parting the stage curtains into the backstage of our self-aware existence, we can choose to find the positive, co-created hologram that is available to us that is the Crystallized Structure of Manifestation.

The fifth dimension is here! It is where purity of the spirit is attainable and white, natural magic of enlightenment’s good intentions of the highest good ‘brings’ us a better life! All who Reach through the heart Receive! Even the disabled, disenchanted, and disrespected can embrace and co-create a better world for themselves, even whilst laying in a bed that can seem like a stuck in the mud place! We can embrace through this structure receiving the cosmic tools of life that optimize our personal ennoblement and positives self-image so we can believe that the fantasy world of a free-will sovereign, equally abundant world exists for us Now and all eternally!

We are enabled to fix our minds through our hearts! We can grab onto etheric moments of time and mold them into sweeter, more full-feeling moments that make up our made-up existences, our hisstories/herstories and our memories through natural time! We can co-create a better frame of heart that believes in doing good and being good, in giving to and receiving of charity and existing simply for adding positive vibes to the family of beings that surrounds us and are affected by us.

We can choose to practice energy philanthropy simply by amplifying positivism! We can choose to co-create a better world for ourselves and others by believing and holding accountable others ethical, highest good for all conductions. We can imagine our peaceful fantasies into realities! We can share the happy spiritual release. Those who seek it are the same as us and as we were… In order for them to find the fifth dimension, they too must seek it! We have all sought the sign that there are other paths to higher dimensional frequencies where we are protected when we feel good! Some do need to see at least a few of the flower-lined steps in front of them in order to step upon them into their future moments!

We can share some of the higher vibration’s resonance to more quickly help others ascend in comparison to those of us who had to climb the beanstalk for knowledge but still had to find the way back home with it. Some do not have mobility nor can take action, nor can they see that which they have never seen, therefore they seek the vision of enlightened others that helps them believe in order to see a better way, just as each one of us on the path of self-development continues to seek. Growth is the reason for the life we wake up in.

‘Share thy spirituality gifted ones, for some see through thee that which without thee they would not see! You are the Angels of Mercy, You are Guardian Spirits and Personal Guides for Others, We thank thee! You no longer need a key to the sacred mysteries, all is revealed for all who seek! You are Energy Philanthropists All! Give Unconditionally. Receive Unlimitedly. All through Positive Energy! There is no path of no strivance though in 3-1 and 4-1 realms.'

On the higher path to ascension and into higher dimensions and parallel realities, there are feelings and memories that will either go on their own, gratefully or have to be released and taken or sent out for the highest good of all. They are gone when we no long see or feel them. There is a personal sacrifice of self for self through guidance of deep belief in things unseen and Great Creator’s best comfort at heart for thee… We must fall into the moment before us and move it through the medium of this moment of Now in order to move forward on into the next moment and at a higher vibration. This practice is for a better, free life for ourselves and for all! Relief comes in all sorts and sizes and makes us all say Aaahhh.

The feeling of RELIEF AAAAAAAHHHHHHH is the resonant vibration of the frequency that is the glowing, both hands reaching thee, help up! Take the hands that have held thee for eternity and step into a freer life full of happy surprises, kindness, country roads to skip down as an eternal child, spiritual gifts, physical tools, and free-will abundance for thee and thy loved ones!

The Quantum Manifestation structure creates for us a personal, individual place that already exists in fantastical realms for those in the ‘yes’ instead of the no! Ethical powers of sacred geometry, Mother Earth organic alchemy and higher vibrations of positivity all help us to better co-create a better projection that is our personal world hologram. When we receive the good news through the quantum manifestation structure, we find that our world is the world. We have available to us the tools and gifts for maintaining maintenance of our new, brave, free world!

The director’s chair is there for all who seat themselves! There is a feast for each of us made up of Great Creator’s Unconditional Love... that awaits to be enjoyed by those who see it set before them, before the table is set… We are being called to Believe It to See It!

Revelation of the Beginning Times is that our thoughts are what is creating the world from our heart structures of emotions, therefore what we feel is the secret and also the enemy’s secret. Sometimes, actually most of the time, we need to be aware that what is in our heads and hearts are not necessarily from a choice of thoughts and feelings of feeling good about ourselves and the world. For there are frequencies that seem to exude the intent of negativity through various emissions… We are beings interacting with other beings on our planet and inner and outer galaxies that is full of life and races! Some are caught in per-determined negative matrices that are beyond free-will choice of how one chooses to exist! There are the 4-1 and 3-1 multi-dimensions that are contrived and manipulated into negative resonances that make us think different than we would if we were not unethically controlled. There is a way to attain free-will sovereignty of our conscious and subconscious supernatural selves being born into the realms of 3-1 and 4-1 and it is by practicing quantum manifestation! It is amazing that we now have this tool!

I practiced this method of giving and receiving for many years after a drowning, near-death experience, but I could not hold onto the gift because I didn’t have the knowledge of where it came from nor how to keep it. I could have used this quantum manifestation structure in the past to have had a better life! Now I have it and I am using it at this very moment through writing with nerve instead of continuing to hide from the weight of so much trauma in my life. Now I have the information I sought for over 20 years!

Give Unconditionally. Receive Unlimitedly. They are separate, yet one begets the other.

This chosen practice is outside of the slavistic money structure of time is money and embraces that time is art! It includes positive, heart-based manifestations of money for those who are wondering about that, in addition to the natural magic of quantum manifestation of having our ethical, heart-based needs met, and sometimes even before they come up! Miracles Abound! It is a practice and easier written about than done, and it is not easy to write about it!
Once the quantum manifestation structure is in place, all who have been caught in the snare of the negative matrix for aeons shall be set free upon their exit and/or re-entry into the 3-1 and 4-1 existences! It is so already that one would also be entering Mother Earth realms with the new vibration of the 5-1 fifth dimension and above! Therefore all serves ourselves when we serve others for the highest good of all!

Yet we ourselves have to continually heal! Personally speaking, I have already experienced amazing synchronicities and betterment of self through this practice! It has inspired me to write and paint more, which is a miracle after all I have been through, lost and given up on. I have received what I am calling blessings and miracles and more balanced thoughts than fearful ones! Yay!

There is assistance available through this quantum manifestation structure. Time is on our sides when we realize we have the time it takes to get our life right Now! Now we can do so by practicing quantum manifestation!


There are some who are already getting to be born automatically into a more loving, aware, ascended, prosperous world within positive holograms. This new, yet has existed forever for us, reality is outside of the 3-1 and 4-1 dimensions, yet includes them. All positive and below parallel existences are available for them in order to be of service helping others and glow while doing it!

The quantum manifestation structure allows us to enter parallel and multi-dimensions in all of time, space, and realms. Yet, the only way to travel along this fantastical highway in the stars is to be a positive vehicle! Thusly, we get to resonate with the Fifth Dimension! Super intelligence is one of the ways Consciousness processes etheric knowledge. Yet, it is not necessary to ascend for it is one of the gifts of the ascension process! We are all called to move on, to use our imagination to co-create a better world into a fantasy of our own unique needs being met amongst loving others of same resonant beauty.

It takes the simplest reasoning to embrace the overstanding knowledge that we are all here in whatever realms to be better and do better! We were all newborns once and have since continued to need… We now have a choice for self-ascension that directly helps others just in its choice. By being of higher, positive vibration with the responsibility that comes with that choice we can also help others including those who come after us when we’re gone.

Simply stated, ‘be a good being’! (Thank you to the anonymous author who enlightened me to this simple statement of ‘be a good human’! OK!).

The Quantum Manifestation structure of the mathematical equation that fits into the infinity symbol is the one plus one equals three. One is equalize emotions the other One is 100 percent move on, and the Third is the Zero Point to Infinity, Quantum Leap into the Fifth Dimension! It is a view that is a profound spiritual compass to getting to zero point of the infinity symbol of the quantum manifestation structure to reach the 3 in the 1+1 equals 3 equation! Quantum Physics pleases the heart’s mind!

It is good as a reference point to emotional stabilization and neutrality to get to the second 1 in the equation which is the 100% surety that one is beyond that moment of negativity, even if it is a lifetime of it. It teaches us that we are to become more aware of each new moment. The next new moment is the manifestation of the previous moment! That is what frees us from the past in order to move on into the future! Welcome to the quantum leap! Up and into the number 3 of the equation of one plus one equals three! This place is the fifth dimensional structure of peacefulness and abundance! Co-create a beautiful place! It is good to have an inner sanctuary to go to when practice equalizing ones emotions, especially when in tempestuous, angry and challenging conditions!

The comfort of Loving Beings and the faith that goes with believing that all can be transformed up and into positive good is the childish gift we get when we become as children with full, open, clear, red hearts of new innocence! This teaching is parallel to Jesus and Mary who taught to teach and enjoy the little children, for they are more aware of the unseen than most see. We are those children too! And like children, we love feeling like we are doing our best and receiving loving gifts that share that love and recognition of being a positive and good human! For, we are only human, oh yeah, and so much more! Some gifts given are spiritual like supersonic kindness to and from others! We are also sometimes supernaturally protected in questionable environments, circumstances or situations by hearing the voice that says Go Now!

The best gifts we receive are the surprise ones that say to go and relax, enjoy your moments in the sun and the rain, watch the changes in the sky from sunup to sundown and have some positive self-image time, for goodness’ sake! The fun ones require us to go and have some ethical fun! Yay!

We are being communicated with and from the ascended ones of those who are already in the 5-1 dimensions and above and they shower us with the rain of crystalline, golden protection, privacy, prosperity, and all good things available in the realms we find ourselves in at all moments of natural time! They too resonate with our hearts, hurting or happy! They want to be happy too!

These naturally occurring gifting cycles are part of the beauty of being born on Mother Earth. Here we are gifted free rain water, garden dirt, oxygenated air, free fire energy and conscious with subconscious self-awareness and all for free! The miracles we have all existed through to this very moment are proof in and of itself that life is existing outside of us to save us and assists us and we have the sense that it is into infinity for those who feel that! We are spiritually immortal beings who become the love we are brought forth of. Gifts of spiritual sustenance surprise and delight even the most wise eye! We are being asked to laugh more and to intend to create creative solutions to problems that include humor as respect!
Becoming a positive vibes transmitter to the best of ones ability can help make everyone laugh about lifes stupid stuff and help shake off the negative stuff. All in order to help all get to the zero point of the quantum manifestation structure! We can use intelligence to prompt non-violent laughter and watch auras light up! We can be energy philanthropists anytime by consciously turning negatives into positives! This superpower is of the utmost service to all! For this reason it is the foundation for the quantum manifestation structure.
Positivism builds, negativity and prolonged grief of any sorts, destroys. Practice being positive. It is the secret to everything and so overused disrespectfully and underrated appropriately. Thusly, it is a cloaked lesson that makes all the difference when choosing the Fifth Dimension! One can cross over the bridge and into the 5-1 positive dimensions and up and out of the 4-1 and 3-1 dimensions. Multiple Dimensional personalities are real!

Some of the examples of my own personal ‘receivance’ of the gifts of being a free-will, conscious, positive force goes on and on and on. My own being proves to me personally that I am of the existence of Great Creator! Wow! Father God presence and Mother Goddess presence brings comfort. Having conscious knowledge of the miracles in my life, I praise and worship Great Creator Source Intelligence as my own Divine Prime Director and Conscious Creator of my Creation.

Thank you Great Spirit for bringing us all forth by choice! Maybe you need us? How wonderful to feel that by being, we are appreciated just for being, for our being is the success and gift of Great Creator!

Now it’s up to us what we do with our environments, gifts, toys, stuff and our studies and knowledge! Shall we help or shall we conquer? We shall help!

We are the ones who have the 5th Dimensions and above available! Now is the time to play kind!

BEINGS HELPING BEINGS is the new economy of the future!


Author's Bio: 

Jennifer T. Webb is a writer, artist, and healer. She had a drowning, Near-death experience that enlightened her to Unconditional Love through Great Creator after dying twice in one night and being returned to life! She practices bringing the heavenly vibrations of gifted self-redemption, grace, and esoteric knowledge into the moments of Now, in order to be better and do better!