Quest For Depth by ” Aatmanum”

In the darkest of the pits, we all need something/someone to hold onto.

May be that is the quest for depth.

In the brightest of the galaxies, we all need something/someone closest to share our joy with. May be that is the quest for depth.

In the weakest of the sentiments, we all need something/someone to lean onto.

quest for depth
May be that is the quest for depth.

In the strongest of the faiths, we all, still, need someone to stand with us.

May be that is the quest for depth.

quest for depth
In the most blissful moments, we all, still need someone to sit besides.

May be that is the quest for depth.

In the chaotic flow of thoughts, we all need a single anchoring thought to put our focus on to sail in one meaningful direction.

And may be that is the quest for depth.

What kind of depth he is looking for?
In life, at some point or the other, everyone yearns for a connection, which is deep-rooted, beautiful, soulful, understanding, nurturing, caring, and much more. However, the nature and intensity of such connections always vary with how deeply the person is in alignment with oneself. Where does he stand? Where he wants to be? What kind of depth he is looking for? How willing is he to dive into the depth?

So, how can he really find those soul-blooming connections, his very own anchors that keep him grounded and stable. What should he do? Who should he follow?

quest for depth
The unique journey of our own
One must understand that we all are on a unique journey of our own. While it is really important to walk in other’s shoes, i.e., empathizing with and understanding others, but it is even more important to get fitted in one’s own shoes to walk a long way on one’s own destined path.

quest for depth
Living his purpose
Finding his purpose is very crucial if one really wants to satisfy that yearning for deeper connections. Living his purpose is even more crucial to establish, nurture, and deepen such connections.

Quest For Depth
While my quest for depth is driving me crazily back to my very own SOUL, I pray! those wanderers out there, find their depth really soon. The courage one can pluck up, the reverence one can gather from within, are the anchors that can quench one’s quest for depth.

Always remember! You are you. That is your

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