Questionnaire for the development of mobile app developments: every detail you want to know

Any business organization looking for an appropriate platforming experience to expand their resources and customer base will agree that the development of mobile applications can not be ruled out from their strategic list.

In fact, the impact of mobile apps, "The Guardian," according to a British-English newspaper, is more prominently demanded by apps compared to websites. Therefore, the number of customers or companies contacting the app development companies has increased.

Regardless of whether you are developing an app for the first time or developing it in the past, you need to detail every detail of your app app request and conduct a detailed discussion with the app developers. You may not have sufficient knowledge about mobile apps. Nevertheless, valuable information is provided for your project and budget.

It is of the utmost importance that the app development company gather some information before proceeding with the task. So, when a customer schedules a date on the expert developer, he has to answer a series of questions in order for the project to send out an extremely successful message.

General information about the organization of the customer
First of all, it is important that you understand your clients before you familiarize yourself with a specific project.

1. Please give a quick info about your company
The app developer needs to know some outlined information about the customer's organization. What products and services does the customer offer?

2. Contact information and means of communication
In addition, you will need to know what the main contact person would be and how you can contact the customer, i. H. By e-mail, phone, whatsapp or skype.

3. Who will be your target group?
Although the developer can get an idea of who the target audience would be based on the company's products and services, he still receives this response from customers to know what his strategy is.

4. Are you a main competitor and do you have an app?
You must be familiar with the main competitors of your customers and always be aware if you have a mobile app. This helps to determine the right strategy.

5. How have you reached us? Well, no matter what, this is not necessary. Based on the customer's response, you will analyze the market reaction of your app development company. You will find out whether people in search engines are looking for the company, or are looking for more attention from other sources. The main course of discussion - the app development process Once you have familiarized yourself with the general information about the customer, the questionnaire should go into the main course of discussion, where it will ask for the purpose of app development, the choice of platform, and so forth.
6. Would you like a mobile app or web application? It is necessary to ask the customer at the outset to develop a mobile app or to use a web based application. 7. Who is he thinking about developing an app? It is essential to know which essence the customer has via the mobile app. Of course, most people answer that they want to build an app to reach more people, but they have a specific purpose, which they believe in app development. 8. Do you have an App Developer first? See if the customer is using the app development company for the first time or if they are already using the services. If you have been asked before, you will be satisfied with the experience and performance of the app. If you also want to know more about a change in the existing app. 9. Whether you want an iOS or Android app That is very important now - the choice of platform. You need to ask the client to start the app on the Google Play store or in the Apple Store or start using it.
Depending on the choice of platform, the development costs will also differ. You must also provide the terms and conditions for sharing the app. 10. What would be the development approach? It must be considered whether the customer prefers a native app or a hybrid app. Aside from this, there are other approaches across platforms, web-based with the fixed layout or the responsive layout. 11. What necessary functions do you want to include? This is an area where you have to spend a lot of time because it requires intensive discussion about which functions to implement. Of course, the app developer would suggest the important features from his perspective, but it is the client who has to take the last call. This would include:

The implementation of languages in the app. Whether it will be multilingual-multilingual
Whether you want to integrate geo-location services.
What do you implement for payments like PayPal, Braintree, Apple Pay etc?
Would you like to have your app connected to the Internet of Things (IoT)?
Add the push notification feature
All additional additional features that winners want to add
12. What is the budget estimate?
Most customers have a budget for the project in question and it must be discussed in the initial stages of the interaction. Let them know if the proposed budget is enough to develop the app, or whether it needs to spend more on its requirements.

In short, you must negotiate the deal with the customer. You can also offer some discount if you are already available.

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