Interviewing candidates for a job can be very tedious and boring. It seems to be a daunting task that stretches forever but that is definitely not how you should look at it. Interviews are extremely important because they will help you determine who the best candidate for the job is. Hiring the right candidate will benefit your business and hiring the wrong one will have the opposite effects.
I believe that you are only as strong as your weakest employee. Going by that, you should ensure that even the weakest employee is extremely strong in one-way or the other. You can ensure that only by conducting a proper interview. Of course we all know how to start. You go through the cover letter and the CV, and you shortlist candidates you think are eligible. Remember to check these documents with care. Don’t just scan through them. Be very careful.

Once you call someone for the interview, you should be careful about what you ask. Your questions will determine whether the person is fit for the job. You should have a thorough understanding of the candidate and that is possible only when you ask the right questions.

Here are a few questions that definitely must ask:

Ask them How they got to know about your Job Opening
Online postings, job listings, job fairs, etc. There are many ways he may have found out about your job. Why is it important though? Well, a candidate who just checks out job listings and applies to all jobs he thinks he is eligible for is actually looking for just any job. He is not eager to be a part of your organization. He just wants to get a job and start earning. That is it. Do you really want someone who is not eager to join? Do you really want someone who wants to get a job just for the sake of it? I am sure not.

Going on applying for jobs and not getting any in the past shows that the person is probably not a team player or does not have that factor to stay in the organization. That is a red flag right there.

Check their Previous Job Profile and Ask them what Interested them in that Job

That will help you determine whether he is money-minded or goal oriented. Great employees are never focused on money. They want to do something they enjoy. They take a job because they are good at it and love doing it.

Thus, a good employee will answer this question with something other than, “It was a great opportunity” or “It was a step in my career,” and so on.

Ask them why they Left their Previous Job
Some people leave their job because they want more money and some other leave jobs because they found a better opportunity. However, many leave their job because they just don’t get along with the employer or their co-workers. They leave because the employer is a little too demanding.
Asking further can be tempting but you shouldn’t try pondering. That can make the interviewee uncomfortable and he won’t answer your other questions properly. Stay in the flow and make him feel comfortable.

Entrepreneurial Learning
Interviewing candidates is a tedious but very important process. You should know how to make him feel comfortable and ask the right questions so that he opens up. Ask about how he found your job offering, ask him about his previous job, and why he left. That will give you an idea of what kind of candidate he is.

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