It is hard to remember when we first used shoelaces and how did we tie them. Shoelaces can be determined as an ancient technology. No one is certain as to when exactly the first shoelaces were used. But it has been discovered that they have been used now for more than 5000 years. White colored converse shoe laces get dirty easily and require warm water and bleach to clean them up.

Shoelaces are believed to be around for millennia. There are a wide variety of knots that is used by people to tie their shoes. The knots used to tie the shoelaces have to be known from various activities that an individual has done during his childhood. Still, it is identified that the technique that is used by most of the individuals is incorrect.

Even though shoelace and method to tie them doesn’t seem to be a problem, but there are several safety concerns that are also being ignored. Every year people of different ages and professions suffer various injuries due to undone shoelaces. It is important to determine and identify the answer to the question as to how shoelaces get undone.

Researchers have identified that the knot of your shoelace gets slackened due to the stomping of your steps. After this the laces get undone when a person is walking as the ends of the laces will swing and open. There have been various blogs and YouTube channels that are entirely dedicated to shoelaces. The different ways a shoelace is safe to tie and how traditional methods to tie the shoelace are not that secure.

In the last few years, there have been certain improvements made to shoelaces and the methods used to tie them. For improvement, the end part of shoelaces was made rigid with aglets. New ways were identified to tie shoelaces. Over the years shoelaces have been replaced by Velcro, zippers which are used especially in boots and loafers.

Usage of shoelaces still stuck around and is still preferred by most shoe manufacturers. To resolve the problem of undone shoelaces every day, various advances have been made to shoelaces.

Lock laces and U laces are being used in shoes. These are laces that look exactly similar to the shoelace but in them, there is no requirement to tie them. They completely eliminate the concept of tying the shoelaces.

Hickies are not the traditional shoelaces. They are straps made out of plastic that can be easily installed, replaced, and removed. The straps completely eliminate the concept of tying shoelaces.

Power laces will completely eliminate the process of tying as it will do it automatically. These types of shoelaces are very soon expected to be utilized by many top brands.

Shoelaces even though are small and short but can be used in many ways and may assist in survival. It is important to always regularly check your shoelaces to see if they are undone. White converse shoe laces are now available online and you can buy the latest lace models that don’t need any tying up.

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