If you are a busy woman with too much on her plate, you may also be sleep deprived. Whether you are burning the midnight oil, having a hard time shutting down your mind at the end of the day, or staying up late to grab some quiet time (this never really works well by the way), once you are short on sleep, things tend to go downhill.

Inadequate sleep impacts your energy and concentration. Did you know that it also leads to overeating and weight gain? If you are sleep deprived, you won’t be at your best. Period. That’s no help when you’re trying to get on top of stress and your goals.

An important stress reduction strategy is creating a ritual for unwinding and preparing yourself to get the sleep that you need. Sometimes when you are busy or stressed, it can be very difficult to stop, but it’s important to be consistent about this. Commit to a time when your day will end and you will begin transitioning towards sleep. Transitioning is important. For most, it doesn’t work well to move instantly from “active,” to “bedtime.” End your day at least ten minutes early. Use this short time to get organized for tomorrow, make a list, or lay out your clothes so that you won’t feel as compelled to think of these things while you are trying to go to sleep. Too exhausted to follow through? Take the ten minutes and add it to your sleep time. When you are sleep-deprived, that’s the most important thing you can do.

Simple, short rituals and routine can create great results. Be sure to check out my other quick stress reduction strategies. When you consistently apply these simple tips, you’ll be much better prepared to take charge of your life and your stress.

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