To get rid of such issues, errors, or any other functional glitches, you can easily reach the team of experts via QuickBooks Technical Helpdesk Toll-Free Number +1855-915-2082 to get better assistance with less delay.
QuickBooks self-help resources provided by Intuit
The listed-below are some of the resources for self-help provided by Intuit and these help you effectively in rectifying the issues that you might face while using the QuickBooks accounting software. These are:

QB connection diagnostic tool
Automated password reset tool
Self-employment tax calculator
QuickBooks help community
Equity or investment calculator
Employ cost calculator
QuickBooks file doctor
QB Database server manager and more.
Users can easily rectify their common problems with the help of these available self-help devices. In case, If they are not aware of these troubleshooting methods or tools and you are facing problems in utilizing these devices then feel free to connect with experts immediately via QuickBooks Desktop Support Phone Number.

Enhanced and exciting features of QuickBooks Desktop

Get more excited about new business software than before to enhance your business accounting activities with much ease through automated features.

Check out here 3 new QuickBooks Desktop features and improvements for 2020
For many decades, QuickBooks has been improving and iterating its accounting software in terms of better search functionality, more automation, and other quality-of-life improvements in order to enhance user experience. Let’s have a look.

Automated payment reminders

Automation for invoices, bills, etc is not a new thing in QuickBooks but it has added a new feature is automated customer payment reminders which were sent manually earlier but now it can be done automatically. Now, when you log in to QuickBooks, you will be informed of any past due to payments that you are owed, with the option of either instantly submitting email notifications or reviewing and submitting them with one click.

It is pretty obvious that it is the most useful and noticeable new feature in QuickBooks 2020, particularly for businesses with lots of outgoing invoices and overdue customer payment issues.

Add customer PO numbers automatically

Years ago, the manual transfer of customer purchase order numbers to invoices seemed to be a necessary evil for doing business. To overcome such issues QB has added one more new feature that it adds a new field to the customer invoice email template for PO numbers which saves you from manually adding PO numbers to your invoice emails.

However, what makes this very useful is that QuickBooks will instantly take the PO number from the invoice template and add it to your invoice email subject line, making things even simpler for your clients and potentially improving your business relationships.

Combine multiple invoices in a single email

In the previous QuickBooks version, every signal invoice had to send different emails even if we had to send all those invoices to the same customer. So if one of your customers placed 15 different orders with you within one month, at the end of the month they will get 15 separate email invoices from you, potentially causing them email exhaustion and making them rethink whether they still need to place all those orders with you.

In QuickBooks 2020, you just need to simply click a box to connect several invoices to a single email, cut down on your clients’ inbox clutter, and make it easier for them to pay you.

Other new features in QuickBooks Desktop for 2020

The above three discussed are the latest and biggest additions to QuickBooks Desktop and that improves the user experience as well, but those three are not only the new features of the 2020 version.

Here’s the best of the rest:

Enhanced accessibility. The applications for payments, invoices, and write checks are now more available for visually impaired customers.
Smart help. Hit the F1 key to tap into the enhanced support system at any time, or link to live chat. This functionality is currently available in all supported versions of QuickBooks Desktop (2017 to 2020), although a Care Plan and internet connection are required for the live chat option.
Collapse columns in reports. This is more enhancements in user interface than a new functionality, but if you have very detailed reports you will appreciate the ability to compress columns, making them easier to read and display.
Company file search. After installing, updating, or relocating QuickBooks Desktop to a new computer, QuickBooks 2020 can check all of your connected devices (desktop computer, laptop, external hard drive, etc.) for your company files. This function should be beneficial to those users whose desktop resembles a messy Mahjong game with files and programs that are disorganized.
So, the above-discussed are all the new added features in QuickBooks Desktop 2020. For more information or need help to enable these features into your software then you can easily connect with the customer support via QuickBooks Customer Support Toll-Free Number.

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