QuickBooks hosting is a service offered by its hosting provider to the accounting professionals who are the user of this accounting application. There are many QuickBooks hosting companies, dealing in QuickBooks hosting with different concepts and pricing structures. But it totally depends upon the QuickBooks users to choose as per their requirement. There are many technical operations done by these QuickBooks hosting providers to avail QuickBooks usage infrastructure. These operations involve from QuickBooks hosting infrastructure set up to the maintenance activities so that the accounting professionals get seamless access to the QuickBooks application. Here below, these are the major background operations done by technical specialists of QuickBooks hosting providers:

1- Infrastructure Set up: When the request comes of any new users for QuickBooks hosting, the technical setup team comes into the action. They create servers by installing all required components and then they install QuickBooks application on it. Server creation process includes: operating system installation, windows components configuration, anti-virus and firewall setup and many more.

2- Backup Management: For QuickBooks hosting providers, security of client data is the first priority and they take care of it very seriously by implementing backup management tool. These backup management tools are efficient of taking automatic backup of different servers to a single and remote location. This operation requires many technical engineers to monitor as the backup failure is the well expected issue in the backup operations. The hosting providers ensure that the client data is backed up properly and everyday.

3- Update: Servers require regular updates so that they have always updated with latest features and security settings to be compatible with latest world. The server maintenance team takes care of this activity to complete this important task without any failure. Other software resources like anti-virus and QuickBooks also requires regular updates and the technical team also performs this update.

4- Data Transfer: It is a regular process of QuickBooks hosting process in which, data are transferred from clients to the hosting provider and vice-versa. If users have some new files to upload to their QuickBooks server, they send it to the hosting provider to upload on their server and if they need any file from the server, they ask with the hosting provider for the same. But if there is any big data to transfer, FTP comes into action. The hosting providers configures FTP and gives its access to client to transfer their big data.

5- Support: In technical infrastructure, the issues can’t be avoided. And to address all the issues, the QuickBooks hosting providers have a separate team of technical support specialists. The support team is responsible for day to day technical issues faced by users so that they can expect for a fast support.

These operations help the users to get a perfect QuickBooks hosting experience by paying just some nominal hosting fees.

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Rakesh Kumar is an application hosting specialist working with one of the leading application hosting provider, SageNext Infotech. His other experience areas are QuickBooks hosting, cloud computing, IT infra management and IT security. Rakesh is very active towards knowledge sharing using his blogs, articles and with many more mediums.

With SageNext, Rakes is quite busy dealing in setting up envoirment for QuickBooks hosting, QuickBooks cloud along with many kinds remote QuickBooks access solutions.