The Wisdom of Rhiannon – Quantum Eureka Moments Intuitions Insights Inspirations Ideas

With my discovery of Rhiannon, the higher, female, half of me, at least some of the knowledge gained, through my countless reincarnations as both sexes, was opened up to me.

Knowledge comes quickly from Rhiannon. It is as if a light is switched on in my mind. It comes as insights, intuitions, inspirations, ideas and eureka moments. Sometimes it comes slowly, softly and more personally as if I am speaking mind to mind with another. I can ‘hear’ Rhiannon’s ‘voice’ in my mind as sweet and as clear as a mountain stream. But that way information is limited by the speed of my own normal rate speech or thought.

The Speed of Thought

Inspirations etc. on the other hand, carry vast amounts of information instantly. It is like the switching of a light as I said before, but with this huge difference: it is a light that illuminates the inside of say the Sistine Chapel as an incredibly detailed mural, a mountain vista or the incredible fullness of the night sky. There is so much information that - although understanding, in that single moment, is total - my finite, limited mind is not capable of holding it, so that then, like a dream on awakening, it immediately begins to fade.

Try as I may to hold it and others before me have found this too, it is necessary to get as much information down while it is fresh in mind.

Getting Insights on Demand

Personally I find that taking action, if it is just sitting down to work on the computer keyboard to write, can cause insights to flow. It is being in the ‘zone’ so to speak: being ‘tuned’ in and turned on.

Where Do They Come From

Rhiannon cautioned me about insights saying that they should never be taken as coming directly from God. It so easy to believe this is so by simply wanting it to be true.

Inspirations come rather from minds close to the frequencies of our own minds. They come from one’s own higher mind. They come from other minds that are closer to the evolutionary level of oneself. Because this is so, when we ‘tune’ in subconsciously, as most of us do without thinking about it, we ‘tune’ into minds exactly in tune with our own level of mind and soul evolution, mind that think and believe as we do. With this we evolve little and the ‘rightness’ of what we think we know merely confirmed, we simply stagnate.

Are Insights and Inspiration Infallible

It is better to realise that we are in contact with minds with opinions not proven facts.

Because insights, inspirations, visions etc. are in spatial and not as linear form, they can easily be misinterpreted by our own lack of trained powers of observation. The police in all countries know that the accounts of witnesses to any accident or crime will seldom agree and especially so if time has elapsed.

It is essential then to get the information from the in-tuitions of higher minds down as quickly as possible, before the spatial visions and inspirations, which lasts but a moment being more like a camera flash in the dark than a the throwing of a light switch, fade and we begin to lose all but the memory of having received something astoundingly, astonishingly good, though we can’t bring it to anything like the clarity that it had in that fleeting moment.

Consciously Accessing One’s Higher Mind

Rhiannon tells me that it is essential that each of us reach individually for that stage of our evolution where we can consciously access our own and other higher minds: for reaching for insights consciously, we can receive the intuitions, inspirations, ideas and eureka moments needed so much in life, almost on demand.

Author's Bio: 

Rhiannon is the higher mind of a reincarnated soul. That soul is me: Tom Leigh. M.Sc. CMH. C.HYP. P.NLP.
Rhiannon, with the ability to remember all our past life cycles, knows vastly more than I ever can who - as the temporal living part of the duality - on the whole remembers, clearly, only this one. Through me Rhiannon writes the blog posts and through me she has written a quantum mind and soul tuition novel called ‘The Rhiannon Blade’. It is an exciting book, which teaches, through an action packed adventure/romance story, the ins and outs of reincarnation and how we all evolve in groups. Serialised in fifty-five parts at one part per week, you can buy it now and also get a free ebook gift, and a deal more, by clicking on the web-link below.