You probably already know the importance of good cholesterol in your diet, but if not, I'm going to explain the basics of cholesterol makeup, then I'm going to talk about the increase good cholesterol. It is devastating to learn that your cholesterol high. When I first found out, my doctor told me I was a ticking time bomb and that I was at high risk of heart attack. Let cholesterol reach astronomical levels, until I had a blood test. Using the strategies I'm going to offer you, I was able to lower your cholesterol 60 points in 6 months.

Before you continue with the good stuff, a little bit of background: Cholesterol is divided into 2 categories, the bad cholesterol (LDL) and good cholesterol bad cholesterol is responsible for bringing cell cholesterol (or HDL).. You have probably been told it was a bad thing, but it is just a myth. This is necessary for the human part. In addition to bad cholesterol, we all die.

Good cholesterol is responsible for the extra cholesterol, and pushes it out of the body. This is a great advantage for your fight against high cholesterol levels, because it has the features to reduce your cholesterol levels.

Eat foods containing cholesterol increases bad cholesterol. This is where your problem is. The secret is to not eat a lot of cholesterol, not at all actually.

How to raise good cholesterol

Step 1 - Exercise: How each day to work can be very difficult, but this is the easiest way to raise good cholesterol. Studies show that 30-60 minutes increased heart rate exercise helps increase good cholesterol. This exercise also improves heart and liver health.

You can choose to bike, run, or jog. Depending on your fitness level, start slowly and work your way up to 30-minute workout. Try jogging around the block for 5 minutes at a time, every few days if you have not used in years (which is the case for many people)

Step 2 - Consume nuts: walnuts, taking in all the major monounsaturated fat varieties. These fats help increase good cholesterol. Peanuts, walnuts, and many others, are very good for your purposes. Warning you if you do choose to eat nuts, make sure you do not buy salted nuts.

Many companies load their products with salt, which can worsen your body in a negative way. Select Purchase NUTS still in their shells, or simply salted. Also note the high calorific value of peanuts. They should not be consumed in large quantities. Gaining weight is a sure fire way to increase blood cholesterol levels.

Step 3 - Take Cholesterol Supplements: Unlike ordinary vitamin supplements they are specially designed for people with high cholesterol. They specialize in reducing bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, but also lowers total cholesterol. They also have a positive effect on heart health and liver function. Here's a small sample of these supplements on the label, ring:

Policosanol - blocks the enzyme that produces cholesterol in the liver

Resveratol - used to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the transformation of the artery-clogging plaque.

Niacin - This vitamin is known to increase the good cholesterol in the blood.

Shut-off Summary

If you follow these 3 steps I guarantee you will increase your good cholesterol.

First Use
Second Eat nuts
3rd Cholesterol Supplement

The first two are self explanatory, but it can be hard to find a good supplement.

To help you find the perfect complement to ask you, I have created a website to help you find the top three cholesterol-lowering supplements. I've reviewed them with a few volunteers and their local medical institutions supported through grants through private associations.

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