The most needed appliances in kitchen are the oven and the stove, which work like reliable friends that help you in overall food preparation and baking yummy food.

Moreover, with so many appliances to buy from, how do you know which one is better and are best suited for your kitchen? Therefore, if you are stuck whether to choose a range or a cooktop, then you are in the right place.

Let us discuss what these appliances are, their benefits and disadvantages as well.

Range vs. cooktop: which one is suitable?

What is a cooktop?

A cooktop, a commonly used kitchen appliance mainly used for cooking and heating. It comes with a set of burners that help in heating and different knobs and buttons that can control the heat coming from the burners. It does not include any other appliance attached to it like an oven. Therefore, you are required to buy that individually.

You can operate cooktop with the help of gas, electricity or induction. Effortless to set up and use, you can easily buy these from offline stores or online.

What is a cooking range?

A cooking range is a fusion of two appliances in one. This means there are burners on top and a built-in oven below it. There are buttons and knobs individually placed, that are placed for controlling the heat of the appliances.

There is another option that you can choose from which is a range top. It is just a different style of cooking range and can take up a lot of space in the kitchen.

Now, let us try to understand different benefits of a cooking range and a cooktop

The advantages of cooktop

• A cooktop takes less space and you can put them in smaller kitchen counter space, which will leave you with space for other things.
• A cooktop does not include an oven, which means less exposure to heat.
• When you purchase these appliances separately, you get an option of choosing different styles and models. Like in case of the oven, you can buy a wall-mounted, double door or single.
• These are considered best if you face knee or back problems, you do not have to bend much to use the oven. Everything is usually at arm’s height.
• In case there are children at home, using separate appliances is considered much safer than the cooking range, as they will not be able to reach and control it.
• They are easy to maintain and clean
• You can cook more than one thing at a time, if you are using a cooktop with more than one burner.
• There are different burner dimensions and styles that you can choose from

With the set of advantages, these have their share of cons as well

• They do not give you much space to move around especially if you are cookingmultiple things at a time.
• If all of the burners are occupied then it can become difficult in assessing the knobs.
Cooking at large scale can become difficult
• They come with less interactive features as compared to other cooking appliances.

Benefits of using a cooking range

If you choose a cooking range then you can experience:

• These are best if you have small kitchens, since these do not take much of kitchen shelf space.
• These are quite simple to install and are not heavy on your pocket as well.
• These come in different style, size and type like, double oven, freestanding and dual fuel range and many, which you can choose from, depending on your requirement.
• You can do both the things at the same time that means you are saving your time by cooking and baking at the same time.
• These are mostly cost-friendly.

The disadvantages of buying a range of kitchen appliances

• They are not safe if you have children at home, with knobs placed in front they can easily touch and control it, which could prove to be fatal.
• If you have a small to medium-sized kitchen, they can eat up a lot of your space and make it look bulky as well
• You may need to cover the kitchen wall with a protecting sheet since it reaches up to the top

Things to keep in mind before deciding

• Keep in mind the size and space of your kitchen
• Pay attention to the amount of cooking you usually do
• Which will be best for you, induction, electric or gas?

In conclusion

Now you have good knowledge about how a cooktop and a cooking range differs, you can easily choose your preferred option. Trust your needs and instincts when it comes to choosing the best for your kitchen.

Always buy appliances from a trusted brand only just like sunflame; this will help you in protecting against budgets, repairs and unnecessary replacements.

A sunflame cooktop comes with a brand name that not only assures quality but also compliments your kitchen well.

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